Woodturning – Beautiful Burr Elm

In this video I turn a natural edge vessel from a piece of Burr Elm. As you can see the piece had a lot of additions and some cracks so I used a 2 part epoxy, coloured with antique copper mica powder to fill and coat the entire piece, I think it blended respectable, I completed it with Danish oil.

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and woodworking can be hazardous, When using any tools/machinery always check out & understand the maker's standards & safety directions.
The approaches I utilize may not be the best, so please be accountable for your own security … My videos are for entertainment functions just.

– Beautiful Burr Elm

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  1. When less is more. Simple shape, magical texture, natural edge with a nice bit of asymmetry, just letting the wood speak.

  2. That is a gorgeous piece of wood! I’m glad you chose something simple to show off the grain and the burl. Add a little “fire” in the cracks and holes and you’ve got a stunning piece. Well done!

  3. I love burr wood, the grain is always really fascinating to stare at. You picked a cracking colour for the “grouting” lol. What with the oil at the end, it’s definitely for a mantlepiece, especially in the winter with a log fire going. The acrylic “flakes” will sparkle!

    I guess the only different colour you could use under the same or similar circumstances (i.e. for filling in small cracks) would be a moss green, but let that stand ever so slightly proud. Imagine the double-takes of new people seeing that on a prominent shelf!

  4. Oh, Andy! That is so beautiful! Amazing Burl and that shape you do that I just love! The resin in the cracks is also perfect.

  5. I absolutely love the grain of this piece! The way you shaped it to follow the swirls and lines is wonderful.

  6. Absolutely stunning! You and God sure used your talents turning that piece of wood into such a beautiful piece!

  7. Hi Andy this elm burl is fantastic it has magnificent grain and markings the colour you used to fill the is awesome. I can just imagine that on my sideboard for all to see as it’s got some burl on the top. You have let nature speak for it’s self. You really are a masterwoodturner and crafter. I throughly enjoyed your video it was great, thank you you take care. Amanda xx

  8. The wood is always a star.

    I want to compliment you. I freaking love the way you edit your videos. I’m not sure of the terminology, but the way you assemble your videos is mesmerizing.

    Just WOW bro.

  9. Well, Andy…. that takes the cake. Truly one of the most amazing woodturning I’ve ever seen. What a wonderful piece of art. And that rig, designed to keep the piece from flying apart is really incredible. Made my day. Thanks.

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