Woodturning – An Unknown Rootball !!

This had actually been dumped in a layby not far from our regional idea by some unclean fly tipper – UK significance (an individual who deliberately dumps rubbish in an unapproved place )
I thought it would be intriguing to turn, so I cleaned up their mess and took it home, it wasn't regrettable to turn however the sanding took two times as long as the turning. I was actually happy with how it turned out and pleased I kept it natural and didn't add any resin, which is constantly tempting with something like this. I finished it with Danish oil as typical.

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and can be dangerous, When utilizing any tools/machinery always check out & comprehend the producer's standards & security directions.
The methods I utilize may not be the best, so please be accountable for your own safety … My videos are for entertainment purposes just.

– An Unknown !!

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  1. Beautiful piece,another example of you creating a work of art from a root ball of unknown origin.great video as always,just continue doing what you do best and carry on.😎😎😎👍👍👍

  2. You never cease to amaze me. I see a huge root ball, you see a beautiful bowl ready to come out of it. Those cracks and spaces in it will make it ideal for holding fruit, because it’ll allow fresh air to get around the fruit so it’ll take longer to go soggy!

    Stunning piece, as ever. Everything you do is something I would be proud to give house room to (and I don’t do ornaments).

  3. Gosh that’s truly lovely from what would ordinarily have been probably a piece of firewood in my part of the World. I’m now constantly looking at a pieces & in the brief moment, wow that grain & then it’s soon destroyed. Sometimes i’ve a huge wrench fighting with myself to not put a piece aside because one day i’ll get someone to turn it… (which i know a couple minutes later won’t ever happen)…

  4. Браво Мастер!!! Великолепный получился шедевр, мои поздравления!!! Большой привет из Сибири 🤝👍👍👍👍👍

  5. I could see flowers in this with the flowers coming out of the top and sides. Excellent work!!

  6. I wasnt sure about this one at first but you created a real piece of art! I love all the raw edges and natural features! Soo pretty.

  7. Stunning piece, Andy! Crazy beautiful wood! 😮
    Fantastic work!!!
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

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