Resin & Root

Warpspeed version of my Resin and video.
Full version –

Resin & Root

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  1. Whoa. The resin contrasts so well with the bark/ lining of the edge of the wood! That’s amazing!

  2. Personally I prefer the ‘slow’ versions as I find them so engaging and soooooooooooo therapeutic, but at the end of the day I’ll take any content!

  3. Hi, I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and I’m amazed at the beautiful work you do. Your so talented. I love it from beginning till the end. Just wonderful.

  4. ASTOUNDING!!! 8-10 hours of work (not including 3 day cure time for the resin) reduced to 1:07.
    If God had you as a helper, creation week would’ve been “CREATION HOUR” followed immediately by “HAPPY HOUR” because “THAT DESERVES A TOAST!!!”

  5. The colour of the resin is stunning as usual and I’m seeing people in the pattern as always, if I worked in a zoo I’d probably be seeing Lions zebras giraffes……..

  6. Sometimes a quickie is all you need to start your day. I’m satisfied.

    Another great piece of art, Andy.

  7. Well that was quick. Your choice of colors gives the resin a lava like appearance and goes well with the wood. Well done.

  8. Lovely design Andy. Amazing what a bit of tree can provide as a base for resin project.
    Take care all and stay safe and well
    Cheers Andy

  9. Это сочетание дерева с эпоксидной смолой напоминает прекрасную космическую туманность❣️

  10. This perfectly encapsulates the _”All you have to do is…”_ perspective that many customers have, when in fact they’ve hired you because they have no freaking idea how something is done, or how long it will take.

  11. Another great piece, Andy. No matter what speed you show it at, the results are always the same.

  12. Very nice! The red colour compliments the wood well. I watched the original too. It gave me a better idea of the process.

  13. An absolutely lovely piece, Andy. Really enjoy the videos where you feature a wood and resin project and choose to eschew the blue goo. Thumbs up!

  14. This is a cool idea to get one of your projects in a bitesize format, but I love to watch your videos in a long form content, I find them incredibly relaxing and absolutely fascinating from a creative standpoint.

    1. Agreed! 😄. Love to see it in any way it comes, but for full visual therapy it needs to be at least 5x this long ❤️

  15. Now that was a fast project! 🤣 All joking aside, the contrast of the wood and the resin color makes this is gorgeous. Nice job, Andy.💜

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