When a woodworker flips a house

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Dive into my latest endeavor as I transform a charming fixer-upper into a mid-century contemporary Airbnb, doubling as a display for my creations. With a vision to craft each furniture piece and art, I'll change every corner into an unique, artistic gallery where guests can even acquire the decoration they're delighting in. Join the journey through regular updates, get hands-on with strategies, or opt for a stay-and-create Airbnb experience. All this, within a year, powered by neighborhood assistance and my co-designer spouse, Kelly. Let's craft a home and an experience to keep in mind!

0:00 Intro
0:11 The Why
2:11 The Trip
7:45 The Tactical plan
10:48 Next Actions

When a flips a

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  1. Making an air bnb/art gallery for your work is such a cool idea! I can’t wait to see all the new projects that come from this

    Also, where’s kelly?

  2. I absolutely love a good passion project, and your passion and enthusiasm for this is literally palpable! I can’t wait to see all the awesome things you create 😊

  3. This is going to be a great series. So cool to see the place after hearing you talk about on podcast.

  4. Enjoy the journey……I’m sure you will experience some ups and downs as with any project but your enthusiasm will shine through as usual. Best wishes for your success David. WHERE IS KELLY…..Eager to follow along.

  5. I applaud your confidence and can’t wait to see how it turns out. Also, yo, Toledo has a world class art museum (I”m afraid that’s all I know about Toledo)

  6. Such a huge amazing project!! Being able to buy the pieces is a great idea, this place will do well..

  7. Dude. I’m so excited to see all these furniture projects. Also thank you so much for not showing the remodeling part of the build. Like you said, there are so many channels doing that stuff I just want to see you build cool furniture. Where’s Kelly!?

  8. This is so cool! I’m so looking forward to watching as you create the pieces and remodel your AirBNB house. Wishing you tons of success!

  9. i couldnt be more excited for this dave! this is a great idea for you and will lend itself to a ton of really relatable content. looking forward to seeing the next update on this space !

  10. I’ve been listening to you talk about this house with Bob and Jimmy on “Making It.” I’m so excited and excited for you to kick this thing off! Can’t wait to see all the cool stuff coming down the pike!!!

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