Modern Outdoor Bench from 2x4s. Woodworking Project

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utilized in this video (Affiliate links).
Table Saw:.
Miter Saw:.
Yellow Paddles:.
Large Bandsaw:.
Wood Glue:.
HVLP Turbine Sprayer:.
Drill Press:.


Modern from 2x4s. Project

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  1. Dave, I believe its proper name is the Daddio Stack. Named after the famed blues musician Alotta Blades.

  2. Use 2x8s instead and rip them to width. You’ll have better quality wood to select from (in most cases)

    1. lmao talk about out of touch. folks cant even afford 2x4s and these bezos types out there buying 2x8s to cut them in half.

    2. @MagnetNerd uhm… It’s actually cheaper to buy a 2×8 to cut into two 2x4s than it is to just buy two 2x4s. Also he never mentioned it even being a cheaper option. He is stating that the boards are more likely to be of better quality (straighter, less knots…) because they use better quality parts of the trees to make the wider boards. Which to most would even be worth being slightly more expensive. You’ll have way less waste from trying to mill the boards flat and you won’t spend nearly as much time milling either. A little research would do you some good.

    3. @Alan King Make sure you’re comparing the same grade of lumber. HD here is $17 for a 2x8x8 and $10 for a 2x4x8 for Douglas fir

  3. Yeah I definitely wasn’t aware that 2×4’s could actually look nice like that, super cool project my sister would love something like that for her garden!

    1. im in the UK and the cheapest timber you can buy here really are 13ft scaffold boards. after they have been milled they look surprisingly good

  4. Fantastic work, Dave! It turned out amazing! 😃
    I’m definitely going to make something like that in the future!!!
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  5. I love my vintage Herman miller chairs. Its getting really hard to do but I loved going into old offices and finding gems. I’m actually trying my first new chair from them, the embody is on its way.

  6. I love that you make your own music for your videos, adds a really nice unique touch 🙂 Also, cool bench 🙂

  7. Great looking bench, alternative wood is white oak ,it can be found at local sawmills.

  8. I am quite concerned about the durability – even with dowels but without any brace across the legs will not hold the bench from moving from side to side for a long time…

    Well, unless it is only for looking at it 😅

  9. You definitely need to learn more about using your dado blade. When not cutting a through cut you can use the fence, dado blade or single blade.
    A dado blade can be you best friend and a safe one at that.
    Nice project. But the lacquer will not hold up to the rain and UV.

  10. Great film, so entertaining. Never understood why you wear hats, great gag. Love George Nelson designs. Awesome bench and cool use of 2x4s. Mahalo for sharing! : )

  11. I’m interested to hear that the dado stack scares you. Everyone has some tool that they grudgingly use – for me it’s free hand routing. I’m not crazy about grinders either. In both cases, i’m constantly anticipating the bit / disc exploding and embedding itself in my head / neck / chest / and face.

  12. Even marine varnish doesn’t last forever. No matter the wood or the finish, you’re going to be touching it up once a year. Unnecessary pixelation ftw here. 😁 Great design that looks good and uses uncomplicated joinery. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love your tunes, man! It’s totally got a Pickwick vibe! Love the bench, got some wood, gonna make it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. making me really want to make a few of these! they look great! awesome video as usual dave.

  15. Another winner, David! Thank you for blotting out the area that minors should not ever see, your bare dome.

  16. good stuff man. just curious, did you run the saw in bypass mode when cutting the pieces with tape on it?

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