Is Wood Movement a Myth?

3 examples of in my home. It is important to construct your jobs knowing the will broaden and contract over the seasons.

Is Wood a Myth?

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  1. LOL! I still get comments telling me that wood movement was proven to be a myth by a YouTuber a few years back. I wonder how the furniture cartel managed to keep that conspiracy going for so many centuries.

    1. New woodworkers especially should be aware of the physics to prevent their hearts from breaking as well as their projects.

    1. I’ve been waiting to see if it ever got mentioned. I’m really glad we finally got to see it.

  2. Amazing to see how much wood moves with the change in humidity. Southern New Zealand doesn’t have the same variation in humidity so have never seen so much movement. Great vid.

    1. humidify your room to 50% and keep it there. If you “fix it” when the RH is in the 20’s it’s going to expand when the RH goes up, buckling instead of splitting. That said, if you boost the humidity and want to glue it back when it expands, sand the surfaces when they are split and flow some epoxy in there as the joint closes using clamping pressure as soon as the joint is close enough to just barely let a piece of paper through… which is how you can get the epoxy in there.

  3. How thick were those slices on that veneered panel in your first example Dave? This is something I’ve been thinking about doing. Veneering some MDF with shop sawn since plywood is getting ridicuously priced.

  4. Doesn’t it just kill you that those are all pieces that you made?!? I’m guessing you just want to slap yourself silly for making those simple, yet very common, mistakes. But, to have the guts to admit them all to the YouTube world – I’ll give 10/10 points just for that! 😉

    1. In this corner of Youtube we just like to have fun. Maybe you are a new viewer, but we don’t take it that serious. If you work with wood for a living, are they actually mistakes or just more projects?

    2. I think in the table video he even said he knew it was going to be a problem down the line, but he wanted to do it anyway.

    3. @Dan Davis

      I know, I know – I was partly being sarcastic, and partly hoping nobody saw that little thing that I ended up tossing in the fire 😉

  5. this is a fantastic and quick demonstration that provides great evidence. conventional knowledge of wood expanding and contracting more along the grain as opposed to at the end of the grain is really really well highlighted.

  6. To be fair…I’m in south Florida where we always have high humidity, I don’t experience much movement here. But items I’ve made and sent up north have moved a LOT

  7. Very cool to see genuine examples covered. I would worry with the shopsawn veneers on plywood if you’d used a stronger glue they might have developed checks or splits because they wanted to shrink but couldn’t.
    I had a table top I glued in place that actually split down the middle due to this.

  8. Yea I just got through making 4 corner post out of red oak for a bed frame the way I glued them together got me worried , I trapped the middle boards in between the two outside ones. So we will see if I would have been thinking I would have glued 4 boards together different.

  9. I’ve always wondered about that table, you were very upfront when you built it but it’s good to see an update

  10. There are so many YT channels that make wood projects that look awesome, but just don’t take wood movement into consideration at all. I often watch certain woodworking Youtubers thinking to myself ‘that thing is gonna pull itself apart by Christmas’.

  11. Great points, built a white oak headboard (lot of edge gluing) i put a mark on the panel and frame prior to clear coating it. It was fun to watch the lines separate and then ease back. Better plan on it.

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