Building a Sturdy Mini Desk out of Hardwood for my Young Daughter’s Painting Sessions

In this video, I start a journey to construct a stunning, compact desk made of solid for my beloved young child. The desk is designed specifically for her to cultivate her enthusiasm for drawing and painting. Join me as I display the step-by-step procedure of producing this durable and classy mini desk, supplying the ideal space for my little lady to explore her artistic talents and take pleasure in numerous hours of imaginative expression.
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Building a Sturdy Mini Desk out of Hardwood for my Young Daughter's Painting Sessions

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  1. Klo kaki yg bawah kok dibuat kecilan dr yg dia.atas ya bang?apa g ngejomblang tar🤔

  2. The working style looks so professional, the product is beautiful and solid❤❤❤

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