100 Days Building Tesla Cybertruck For Mr. Elon Musk

100 Days Building For Mr. Elon Musk
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Dear Mr. Elon Musk,

I am an enthusiastic material developer with a deep love for wood cars and a remarkable adoration for both you and Tesla. Over the years, I have actually embarked on a number of wood car tasks to get valuable experience. And today I launched a cars and truck that I am really pleased with, the Cybertruck. It is likewise the car that much of my audiences enjoy and want me to build.

I am aware that Tesla has faced its share of challenges in bringing the Cybertruck to fruition. However, I preserve steadfast faith in your vision and the abilities of Tesla. I am positive that this amazing automobile will ultimately succeed.

I wish to have the honor of gifting this wooden Cybertruck to you and Tesla, and want you and Tesla continued success and maintain your position in the international arena.

To all my fans, please assist me send this message to Mr. Elon Musk and Tesla.
Best concerns,
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100 Days Building Tesla Cybertruck For Mr. Elon Musk

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  1. You did it, brother! What an impressive build 😮 with the framework and real suspension system this is nothing short of amazing 🤩 Kudos to you, Sir.

    1. تاتععااااات مرحبا 👋 ❤خخمم الله مشتاقتلك هه❤خنتن😅

  2. Good job as always,not forgetting the editor… I’d love to see you work on the Land Cruiser LC300 V6.

  3. Wow mahn it looks so good that it even beats the actual Cybertruck in terms of Looks.. Well done bro😮

  4. From south Africa in limpopo provinces,you’re the best keep up the good work and may the lord give u more wisdom so that u can combine all the knowledge u have to build a car of yr own design

  5. I m not big fan of cyber truck after so many design and functionality fails but you nailed it bro .I like this version more than the original one. Keep up.

  6. Bro nice work 😊 it will be insane if you can bulid windows and air inside.If it’s not possible its fine❤

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