Recycled Plastic Turning !!

I was kindly sent out these Plastic blanks to experiment with from Atlas Games, they are made mainly from melted down High Density Polyethylene HDPE, this plastic is utilized in varied durable goods such as milk containers, pails, soda bottle caps, snow sleds, and far more. The blanks were a good size for Salt & Pepper pots and being from HDPE I believed they were perfect. They turned pretty good utilizing carbide tools, simpler than some resins that I have actually turned and I believed they looked cool and definitely special. I did have a number of spaces to contend with however the appeal of these blanks is you just pick up some of the shavings and melt them with a heat weapon and fill deep spaces.
We can get a great deal of stick for the waste we produce while turning resins and wood but these are made from waste, so that can just be an advantage and they look quite cool too …
Follow the links to take a look at the blanks and the business that makes them.

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Recycled Plastic Turning !!

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  1. 🧂Nice👌 …I had no idea what you were creating until you started to round off the top.
    🎄Merry Christmas Andy, and thanks for all the great videos throughout the year

  2. Энди вы удивительно талантливый столяр, фантастические цвета и причудливые узоры придают этому изделию выстовочную ценность, думаю со мной многие согласятся, 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Well I wasn’t expecting that.
    I always enjoy watching the process, and no matter what the end result is it’s always incredible.
    Thank you Andy for all the beautiful work you have done in 2023 and here’s to many more in ‘24. 🥂

  4. absolutely fantastic and proof that recycling works, repurposed by a master into something stunning and practical. Merry Christmas Andy

  5. Andy, great work as ever. Just so you know, the plastic pieces from Atlas Games are £20 each plus VAT plus £15 delivery, thus making it £33 per piece. I might save up for some in the new year but it makes it expensive for a pair of salt/pepper grinders. Love your work – always with a great finish too!

  6. You have to admire the audacity. In a world of turning where adding plastic to wood (epoxy) is often frowned upon, to go the whole way to totally plastic is a blazen challenge to traditionalists. Personally, I fully approve. Bravo.

  7. What a great idea to shape these plastic blanks into something so practical yet beautiful to look at too. Well done Andy and also Atlas games for sending them. I have no doubt we will see more plastic turning in the future. Thanks for all the 2023 videos Andy and all the best for 2024! 🥳

  8. What fun. I was trying to work out where it was going and only realised when you got to the fixings stage. Clever idea and usual great execution. I enjoyed the antics of the wilful shavings – very different from wood.

  9. Andy, such a fantastic idea for recycling waste – and good on you for turning it back into something useful. Always enjoy, thanks for sharing.

  10. Love LOVE to see folks using & reusing materials, wherever we can. They may be expensive (so is wood, right?) but that expense is worth it if it means there’s even a little bit less going into landfills. Cheers!

  11. Really nice, Andy. I was wondering where you were going with these, but when you parted the blank, I had it figured out. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  12. Amazing, Andy! Really fantastic work!!! 😃
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊
    And happy holidays!

  13. Absolutely brilliant idea. Those are WAY cooler than any salt and pepper grinders I have ever seen anywhere else.

  14. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what you were making and I said. “Oh those will be beautiful.” And I was right. They are unique and beautiful.

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