I Need a Band Saw so I’m Making One from Plywood

This is the very first video in a series on making a 12" band saw, beginning with the frame. I'm using 2 densities of Baltic birch plywood for most of this develop, 1/2" and 3/4". I designed the frame with a strong box beam foundation to keep it stiff while also making it easy to build.

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  1. Awesome looking bandsaw, I wish you were making plans, but I understand if you don’t. I still plan to get other plans like the router table and lift. I highly recommend your Belt and Disc sander and your newer ultimate wooden clamps to anyone, both plans are excellent and turned out great. Thanks John.

  2. Very excited to see this video on the feed today. This is giving me inspiration to get my arse in gear and finish some other projects that are clogging up my shop.

  3. Great video and good looking bandsaw. Always was doubting the size ( would it be big enough , you made a video about that I thought). Seeing it in the last seconds of this video compared to your size I guess it will be everything I need or somebody else in a small shop. Also it’s probably reasonable easy to move around and that is more important ( with limited space) then people think. Looking forward to part 2.👍👍👍

    1. The yoke of the frame will probably not be strong enough to handle larger size; making it larger will result in larger bending and misalignment. I’ve heard it said that even steel yokes that are extended with a taller bolted yoke (for resawing larger wood) are not as stiff as single-piece yokes. I am a bog fan of John’s however there are SOME things that wood is not a very good material to build with. Bicycles. Wheels. Band saws might be borderline…

  4. Awesome! Been waiting for this one! Clever design and I’ve only seen a portion of it so far. Looking forward to the rest of the build. Great content as always! Thank you!

  5. Excellent video. Keeping the joinery simple when complex isn’t needed impresses me more. Too many crafts people online engage in some kind of pissing contest. Hyper complex joinery is one of those things. It doesn’t make the project better it just sounds impressive. As a wood turner I see a lot of turners sanding to 1200 grit or higher in places where it actually makes the quality go down. It can reduce the mechanical bond between coats and reduce absorption on the initial coat. The 1200 or 1600 grit sure sounds impressive though.

  6. Fantastic work, John! Nicely done! 😃
    I’m thinking about doing the same. If it can cut 12 inches, it’s more than enough for me.
    Anyway, stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  7. Very catchy thumbnail. Having done some shop projects recently, I really appreciate the amount of thinking, planning, and work that you have put into this. I built john’s router lift and table last month, it is very amazing.

  8. Clever! I also wish you were going to make plans. I’ve been wanting to find a design I can scale down to a benchtop-sized version of a bandsaw, something like a 9″, for all those fiddly little cuts. It seems like this design could do nicely for that purpose. Nice video, John!

  9. Great work John. Please release the plans or CAD drawings for this build. Is metric too much to ask??? 😛

  10. Looking good but so are all your other builds love your work and channel I always get heaps form your content so thanks

  11. Wow, John, never would’ve thought to build your own, very inspiring!! Fist bumps from Canada, hope you’re staying healthy!

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