Luckily I'm okay after some nasty on the while cutting some plywood. (NOT GORY). This was absolutely preventable and must have never ever occurred.


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  1. Had the same happen to me with a piece of 3/4″ plywood years ago. I’d been woodworking for better than 25 years without incident. Like you, I was batching out pieces, got complacent, lost concentration and B A M. Glad you are okay!

    1. I had the same experience, kicked into the gut, left a rainbow of colors for a few weeks. Glad I was not 6″ taller…

  2. That is amazing 12 years of working at a table saw and that’s your first kick back got a pretty good track record!

  3. Be thankful it was 1/8” material – my kick back experience was a 2” piece – scared the hell of me I never stand behind the blade now. Glad you were ok 👍

  4. I’m glad it wasn’t worse for you. Thank you for sharing – we all need to remember to stay awake around the power tools, for sure.

  5. Thank you for sharing both your successes and your mistakes. Safety is always a concern no matter how long you’ve been doing something and this is a great reminder for beginners and veterans alike. All it takes is a momentary lapse in concentration and the results can be disastrous. I’m happy you weren’t seriously hurt! Keep up with the awesome projects l

  6. I’m glad your ok. Absolutely a reminder to 100% pay attention when working on the table saw or any tool. Thanks for sharing

  7. Glad to hear you’re alright! I’m one of the few woodworkers to always have the guard and anti-kickback pawls installed at all times for this reason. I don’t know about the Saw Stop, but my table saw has angled pawls where the first tooth is between the riving knife and blade, which would have prevented this kickback. Stay safe!

  8. Best wishes David, if it can happen to you it can to a lot of us part timer woodworkers. I just brought a full face mask this week you better believe I will be wearing a lot this year!

  9. Worst kickback I ever got was also thin material- 1/4” ply. It gets going like a lawnmower blade. Watching the vid I can see how the stun from the outboard piece hitting you could have caused your right hand to let the other piece drift into the blade too- double barrel kickback.

  10. I think a good lesson here is that the piece that was kicked back was the offcut, which I think most users would not expect to be the “dangerous side”. Goes to show that you must always control BOTH pieces when pushing through.

    1. He was standing in the wrong position too. I had my kickback experience. 9 stitches in the right arm.

    2. This didn’t happen because he wasn’t controlling the offcut. I agree pushing both pieces past the blade would have prevented it but It happened because he nudged the offcut into the blade when he tried to remove it. If anything, it shows the importance of letting the blade come to a complete stop before removing anything near the blade after the cut is made. But I suspect we’re all guilty of not following that at times … and this is a good reminder.

    3. I disagree, the lesson here is be careful when grabbing the off cut, you’re better off not touching the off cut at all while cutting and while the sawblade is spinning. Without the pressure from being pushed into the blade, if the blade does make it shoot back it’s not so violent

    4. @Phil Shock Looking at how close his hand was to the blade when passing that piece through, and how high he had the blade up for such a thin piece, this is basically a lesson in everything you should NOT do.

    5. @Thomas Hajicek exactly, blade height it the culprit here. With proper height it is near impossible to get kickback with thin stock because the contact area is too small to transfer much energy.

  11. Glad to hear you’re ok. This happened to my dad when I was a kid. He got too comfortable cutting up scrap plywood and ended up losing a finger to the saw. Awful day that was. I constantly remind myself to watch the blade whenever I’m cutting something. Stay safe.

  12. Thank you for sharing. We all need to see this can happen to anyone regardless of skill level or amount of time working a particular piece of equipment. Glad you’re ok.

  13. Glad you’re ok. Had a 3/4″ kick back while child was playing in the background. Nice sized hole in the drywall behind the child and minor heart attack later. Will be constantly cautious from now on.

  14. Now how can we believe that said bruise is “respectable” without seeing it????

    But glad to see it wasn’t anything more serious. Stay safe ✌️

  15. Thanks for showing this David, even though I know better, I still wouldn’t have guessed such thin stock would have hurt that much. Glad you’re ok and it wasn’t a worse Injury.

  16. Glad you’re ok. A very long time ago in shop woodworking class my instructor drilled into us that you never cut a piece on width less than the length using the fence only. Kickback happens a lot this way. Back then we were instructed to always use the mitre gauge when cutting these type of pieces. Hopefully this sounds correct to everyone. Learned this over 50 years ago

  17. I’ve had kickback several times and the blade has ate away at two different fingers two seperate times and all because I got comfortable , also. I appreciate you sharing what happened with use, I hope you are feeling better. I appreciate your time

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