Producing the 2023 Ford Explorer friendly Environmentally – Woodworking Art

Producing the friendly Environmentally –

Check out the appeal and environmental friendliness of the made from in this video, as we take you through the entire process of creating and crafting this special car.

00:00 Introduce
00:14 selection and splitting
00:49 Developing the frame
02:19 The front part of the vehicle
03:51 Engine
04:06 The rear of the automobile
05:29 Detail of the door
05:50 Make the wheels
07:06 Assemble the information
08:41 Evaluation and trial run

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Producing the 2023 Ford Explorer friendly Environmentally –

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  1. Temukan keindahan dan keramahan lingkungan dari Ford Explorer 2023 buatan kayu Keren Banget

  2. Terima kasih atas videonya yang luar biasa ini, bisakah Peugeot RCZ segera dibuat?

  3. It doesnt make sense how good you are. Can you stain one like the color of a paint job, but where you still see the woodgrain one day? Im sure you could get super creative with that like you do everything else

  4. I would love to see a Tahoe done. Like a 04-05. The new ones look too Tesla cyber truck looking. No curves and a bunch of sharp edges.

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