Mr Van Design Beautiful Wood Decorate Vintage Ceiling Large Living Room | Extremely Ingenious Skills

1000 Days Mr Van Design Large , Extremely Ingenious Woodworking Skills
►Extremely Ingenious Worker & Amazing Woodworking Techniques || Luxury Decorate
with 100% Monolithic Doussie Wood Wood Grain Completely Natural Extremely Delicately by Ingenious Carpenter Mr Van and His Team, Amazing Beautiful Furniture Surely You Have Never Seen…
►Thi công Lắp đặt vách trang trí phòng khách, Trần gỗ cao cấp, Phòng Thờ, Phòng bếp bằng 100 % Gỗ Gõ đỏ Gỗ Gõ đỏ Nguyên khối được người thợ mộc khéo léo chạm khắc vô cùng tinh xảo, vân gỗ hoàn toàn tự nhiên, không phun màu PU và lắp ráp chắc chắn, tỉ mỉ, sắc nét…
►►►Mr Đình Văn và Đội ngũ! Liên Hệ: 0948130999
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  1. Wow , this guy smokes a cigarette in a brand new house ? If that was my job site that would’ve been a big mistake. I’m a smoker but you never ever smoke inside a building. Weather it’s done or not . Things are different over there !

  2. Hats off, this work is incredibly beautiful. How long do you need from planning to final assembly? 👍🤗

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Mr Tran, if only I could bring you to my North Carolina home, I would buy all the workers safety shoes! Your work is awesome.

  4. Words can’t express the positive impression Mr. Van and his team convey. Absolutely perfect. Love you videos Mr. Van. Thanks for sharing another project.

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