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  1. Another “liked” one & put in to my favorites folder.
    The wrapped handle with poly finish was a nice touch.

  2. Good trick for evenly dividing 3 or more as well. For example divide a board that is 13-3/8″ wide into 5 equal spaces: diagonal the tape across to cover 15″ and mark every 3″.

  3. Something I was meaning to try out. It turned out rough, but demonstrates the method clearly enough.

  4. To completely harden, it will take days, but it’s dry enough to handle the next day. The urethane I used dries fairly quickly.

  5. I made it from 12 to 66 before tangling with the blade on my table saw. It can happen to the most careful of us. ~ I lost the end of my left ring finger as well as the tendon in my index finger and believe me, it makes touch typing a thing of the past.

  6. When I saw you add the appliance to finalize cutting the threads, I said out loud “No way!” that was awesome! I would have cut the parts the same way. I’m loving all of your videos. Just subscribed!

  7. Normally, you would use plastic film between the mallet and the meat, so not much would get on the mallet anyway. I used polyurethane to coat the mallet, which is much better protection than linseed oil.

  8. Another great project. The way that you did the spiral grooves for the rope was very clever. Consider me subbed.

  9. Howdy, Recently I found your site and am enjoying going through your videos. Nice collection of creativity and ingenuity. I wasn’t certain what you were doing a first with the handle and the simple jig for making the spiral handle had me hooked. I’m still not sure how it worked, and would love some additional clarity. How does the spacing stay the same? Its interesting to see what people say about safety; yet expertise and experience seem to go a long way toward safety,

  10. how long have you been working with wood and stuff? you look like a professional at crafting

  11. That is so cool another one for my last minute xmas gifts along with the tongs and maybe a quick and nasty cutting board lol thanks John for all your great work and taking the time to upload them cheers

  12. I’m going through and watching your videos chronologically. I like them all so far, but this is, by far, my favorite!

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