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I just recently needed to have an Ash tree removed due to Ash dieback, a fungal illness that's decimating the Ash tree's in the UK. Unfortunate as it was to see this tree go I will absolutely be utilizing all of it, the smaller branches were broken and will be utilized for animal bedding, a quantity will be sliced into logs to assist fuel our home and I will keep many pieces for . Like usual if I stumble upon newly cut I could not withstand the urge to turn a couple of pieces.
I was curious to discover how green would respond to fractal burning and if it would accelerate the drying process. The wetness material when I began was around 38 and now it reads around 25. Its been 3 weeks given that the tree was felled and there has actually been no splitting however the rim has warped on the vessel.

Please DO NOT attempt fractal burning unless you understand what you are doing.

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The approaches I use may not be the best, so please be accountable for your own safety … My videos are for home entertainment purposes only.

– Freshly Cut

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  1. Wow never seen that burning done before. What an incredible look it has given the piece. Great job Andy.

  2. Wow Andy! I love what you did with that, I didn’t think you could turn green wood because of the aging process it needed but that was brilliant. ❤❤❤

  3. *In New Zealand we have Kauri Dieback on a number of our native Kauri trees. So a number of the tracks in the forests & bush are off limit to people due to this issue. We have special mats with a special chemical to walk on as it washes the soles, as you enter and when you leave the tracks to make sure this disease is not traveling about on the shoes or boots worn to other tracks in the bush where other Kauri trees do not have it. We are protecting the really old Kauri trees that are thousands of years old… We have a couple of specialised sniffer dogs now, that can smell the dieback disease. So that is helping us greatly. NZ scientists are working to find a cure. As KAURI is a protected native New Zealand tree. 🙂.*

    1. WOW!🎉 I love reading about the small steps being made that have a HUGE impact on conservation! Bravæ! 🤟🤟🤟

    2. I read an article about ancient kauri trees being dug up from swamp some time ago.. It’s fascinating that the log are still pretty much intact all those centuries. Are those still being sold?

    3. @whatever 12 *NO, I don’t think so, as there was an uproar when it came out. A NZ political person’s husbands company was selling it to China…. So that did not go down well with Maori & the rest of NZ people. I believe that loophole was closed up. Swamp Kauri is very precious and yep amazing how well it was preserved after all them years. It is worth a fortune. Years ago I use to make wooden toys. and I had come across in my travels some small bits of different native timber.. Rimu & Kauri… and I made a wooden moving Hippo toy. I found out that the Kauri was in fact swamp Kauri. It will never be sold or given away. as it is a made of two native timbers. Some old homes in NZ still have old Kauri floorboards.. but it is not swamp kauri.*

  4. unsurprisingly amazing work as always Andy, evidently right from the tree too! the turning, the camera work, all of it. cheers man, thank you for sharing with us

  5. The “lightning strikes” are absolutely stunning! They look a bit scary to do, but I have faith in your common sense, as much as I have awe for your artistic talent. Your ideas for the various pieces are incredible. I’ve not seen one which hasn’t blown me away.

    Seeing you cut the tree down made me chuckle to myself, though, because a) it’s stupid o’clock (no birdsong yet!) and I didn’t want to wake anyone by laughing out loud and b) my husband would appreciate your tree surgery skills.

    He used to be a tree surgeon/consultant before he became disabled, and he was very strict with anyone he worked with regarding the safety procedures (proper harness & ropes, chainsaw clothing which I can only assume you have, not seeing you up close, etc.) He’s qualified in every area of tree surgery, including aerial rescue, hence his obsession with proper procedure.
    Though it’s sped up and far away, it certainly looked like you were doing all the right things.

    That film did answer my constant “internal question” regarding where you get your wood from! Hubby does some woodwork himself, though he tends to work from what you might call secondhand wood (old furniture which might be damaged in parts but there’s enough good wood to “rescue”, pallets – he made a dovecote out of a bunch of pallets someone gave him, etc).

    He got a bargain the other week from an auction, his source of many projects. A ton of sheets of laminate in different woods including ebony, burr walnut, flame mahogany and others, all for about £20! Two pieces still had price stickers on them and they added up to more than he paid including the commission, and he’s got dozens more. He’s been a happy bunny for the last couple of weeks! I don’t know if you look at local auction sites, but you might find a bargain there!

    Again, thank you for sharing your awesome talent. Your tendency to upload before the sparrows sing is great because I have a tendency to be awake now because of the pain of my own disabilities. You cheer me up no end.

  6. I showed a couple friends your fractal burning pieces and they were in awe, have to show off this one next.😊

  7. Beautiful job! Lovely wood, love the wide, bold grain. Too bad about the tree, it was gorgeous.

  8. This was a very interesting piece. I like how you left space for the wood to show through instead of covering like most people would do. Through life I’m still continuing to learn “less is more” 😅 I have a miniature lathe for jewelry and I’ve been making a lot of mushroom pendants sometimes 2 or 3 on one piece. I would love to see a mushroom turned on a lathe as big as yours. You could even run the electricity on just the cap. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun to do if you’re interested in trying something like that. Either way I really enjoy your videos they are very inspiring.

  9. Really nice, Andy. It will be interesting to see what happens with it beyond the 3 weeks. The Emerald Ash Borer has all but wiped out the ash trees here in the US.

  10. Crazy beautiful piece, Andy! Really amazing work!!! 😃
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  11. 11:45 When the paper towel design matches the project.

    Looking good! Always enjoy watching you creating new art!

  12. That was true amazing. I’ve never heard of it or seen it done. That was so cool. Very pretty 👍🏼🇺🇸❤️

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