A Quintet of Goblets – Which is your favourite ? No Mid Roll Ads

I have actually been asked quite a few times if I would make some longer videos, so here's 5 of my favourite goblet's that I've made, let me know if you have a favourite.

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A Quintet of Goblets – Which is your favourite ? No Mid Roll Ads

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  1. Going from the finished line up it’s #s 1 and 5 but they are all beautiful. Everything you make is magic!!

  2. Iv`e always enjoyed your short, quiet and quality videos, thank you. I can not choose only one favorite. They are all so beautiful. Thanks so many times.

  3. It was truly awesome to get to see even more of such intricate work with such variety all compared with each other. I don’t know how I could choose a favorite, because I love them all for each of their unique appearances and features. THANK YOU for putting this video together.

  4. First of all, I must say that your creativity is unique and your wood turning skills are excellent and we enjoyed watching this video.👌

  5. The twisted burl stemmed goblet is my favorite. Has the makings of a Celtic knot. Maybe a Celtic knot could be your next project.

  6. I like them all of course but the purple one is my second favourite and the final one is my absolute favourite. You picked the perfect colour resin and I love how it blends with the wood.

  7. I love the rings. It’s wonderful watching you turn! My favorite has to be the golden one. Thank you so much for your videos!

  8. The first one is very desirable but takes a close second for me. The organic nature, combined with its painstaking workmanship and beauty, make the knotted one my favorite… Thanks for stitching them altogether… 👍

    Edit: and like most others here I agree, they all have their own beauty…

    Wait! Shhhh: don’t say anything, actually the color pencils are my second place winner…

  9. They are all awesome in their own way. My favorite is the orange fire goblet because of the looks. The broken goblet is a great idea and design. The pencil goblet is awesome just because….PENCILS!. The checkered is awesome because of the way it is made. And the twisted goblet is awesome and great craftmanship.

  10. I refuse to choose a favorite because they all look amazing, you do fantastic work Andy, as always

  11. The burl, and not just because of the complications that arose and the ingenious way you addressed it without tearing it apart to put it back together. All are wonderfully beautiful works.

  12. WOW Andy, you make it so hard to choose, I love the burl goblet with the knotted stem but I also love the Purple Heart goblet. Beautiful turnings.

  13. Each goblet is unique. I think they are all absolutely lovely. The live edge one with the knot is my favorite.

  14. The live edge with the knotted stem, hands down. But…it’s a bit like asking me to choose my favourite grandchild. Each is beautiful and unique. It’s just that the natural look of the live edge goblet appeals most to me personally.

  15. I just love how relaxing it is watching you create these pieces of art. How on earth could anyone possibly pick a favourite! However, they are all amazing but for me the 4th goblet with the knot is just mind blowing and such a stand out conversation piece. Thanks for keepings us entertained with your vids. I’m so envious of your skills, but not the mess you have to tidy up afterwards.

  16. I can’t pick one because I can see myself using all of them for amazing decor or as gifts. They are all amazing and beautiful.

  17. Every time you showed the finished goblet I said to myself: “That’s my favorite”. In the end they are all beautiful and I can’t choose.

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