A BLUETTI BEAST – AC200MAX & B300 review & a little bit of turning ..

I lastly had an offer to review an item that I was genuinely interested in, the # is a monster on its own, but paired with the B300 expandable battery it gives a capacity of over 5000 watt hours of power. I was kindly sent out the units by to evaluate and managed to sneak a bit of in there also.
If backup or portable power is something you might have an interest in, Bluetti have a system or system to suit any circumstance.
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A BLUETTI BEAST – & B300 review & a little bit of turning ..

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  1. I’ve owned a Bluetti Power station for a couple of years now and it’s worked great, so when I was approached by #Bluetti to see if I would be interested in checking out a couple of there products, I thought I would be stupid to pass up the offer, as it’s something I am genuinely interested in..
    So here’s my attempt at a product review. I also managed to sneak a bit of woodturning in there ( full video to come )
    I hope some of you may find something of interest in the video, if so check out the links below or in the video description.. Thanks for checking it out
    US: http://bit.ly/3ygBbX9
    UK: http://bit.ly/3FprdH9

    1. The grinder did not draw any more power because once it was up to speed the momentum of the wheels needed next to no energy to maintain.

  2. I respect everyone who were involved in this Seriously the best piece that i ve ever seen on YouTube 💌 Hate off to well all 💟 love your videos

  3. Мои поздравления Энди, отличное приобретение 👍👍👍

  4. Great review, very well done. I like how you showed the features and performance of the unit.
    Oh, the piece was nice too! 😃

  5. Thanks for the great video Andy. Here in South Africa where daily Loadshedding (Power Outages) is a norm, this beast will really come in handy, not just the workshop but also running like fridges and freezers and other smaller electricity needs. Thanks again for this great video.

  6. And of course the “bit of turning” was beautiful. It always amazes me how “flaws” become beauty.

  7. If you really think about it, every source of energy on earth comes from the sun.
    Thanks to this video, we can finally put a voice to your work. Not a face yet but we reckon you shine.

  8. Personally I really don’t care about all that electronic stuff but I love the vase you turned very nice as always 👍👍👍

  9. Thanks Andy, that’s how to do a review! You showed a variety of different tools and then the functionality of the power station in action. The Yew would’ve been the best test for showing the product off well done mate.

  10. Thanks for sharing this. I may see about getting one to replace the generator I use when off grid in my campervan.The Yew vase turned out great too👍

  11. Thanks for showing. We have a garden without power, so I’m looking for something like that atm to feed the pool pump, the tools, the lamps, the heater for the rabbits shed, etc. 🙂

  12. Fantastic device indeed, Andy! Great review! 😃
    And amazing work at the lathe!
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  13. I love these units. I won the EB70 off of a YouTube giveaway, and I built 2 of my own for fun. Really handy to have for many purposes.

  14. Thanks for the video Andy!
    It looks like a great power bank, especially for people with smaller workshops, and might not have power connected, great alternative, oh and the vase looks cool too.

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