I bought the 5 most EXPENSIVE woodworking tools on Banggood!

Let's discover if the from are any excellent!. Brought to us by Squarespace. For 10% off your very first purchase, go to:

I purchased the five most costly on .com. The tools were imported from China and got here within 2 weeks. After unpacking them, I checked and examined each tool. I ranked them from "most suggested" to "least advised" to assist you in choosing whether or not to invest your money. The outcomes were unexpected, and I was really shocked by the quality of a few of the tools.

Up next I suggest seeing this video where I purchased every advertisement that was served to me on Facebook:

Router Lift:
Saw Track:
Miter Gauge:
Drill Guide:
Roller Feeders:

I bought the 5 most woodworking tools on Banggood!

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  1. Those “roller things” Jessem makes some of those. The “wheels” on the Jessem guides are made of polyurethane. My Jessems are many years old as in more than five but less than nine. The polyurethane gets old and turns into a sticky paste that is near impossible to remove. The wheels actually turn into paste over time. If you have these or anything made with polyurethane and they ever feel tacky, throw them away then and replace. I used carburetor cleaner which dissolves most things and it would barely touch the mess I had. Remember the paste you used to eat when you were in primary school? Well this stuff is thicker than that when it degenerates and is as sticky as CA glue.

  2. Loving this series of buying and trying things. Helps me to see what to get and whats out there, thanks

  3. Fantastic testing and reviews, Dave! Thanks a bunch! 😃
    But yeah, that’s what I always said about buying from China: there are pretty good stuff from there, but you need to research it carefully. Because there’s the pretty bad stuff as well, even from good stores.
    But you missed one thing: the links! I want the links for that stuff! 😬
    Anyway, stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  4. Really enjoyed this – I’ve looked at Banggood before, but didn’t know what the quality was going to be overall. I’ll definitely have to grab the router lift. I’ve been wanting one for awhile, but didn’t want to pay $400+.

  5. Hey David, that saw track is made for a stone cutting or metal cutting saw. Shouldn’t have been in the woodworking section. Love this series and the podcast. ✌️

  6. I think for the vertical drill guide you’re supposed to mount the little stops the other way around so the flat part rests on your material and keeps it level. Then the flip will probably be easier to … erm, flip. It’s not THAT much better and will only make a difference if the un-stopped hole you need to drill is further away from the edge, but it’s not AS bad a design as it might appear.

    1. Using both stops you could quickly and repeatedly drill holes at the corners of boards without measuring each hole. It looks like a really nice drill guide. First impressions is I’d rather have this one than the Rockler because of the extra functionality.

  7. I’m buying from Banggood for years never had any issues with them, from electronics to woodworking tools, I have that miter gauge and works really good.

  8. Best thing I bought from Banggood (other than the 3D printer) was the drawer handle layout jig, super high quality

  9. I noticed that the #1 and #2 items that were the best quality and had a manual included were also distributed by the same company, based on the logos on the front of the manual. So I would wager that other items from said company would also be of comparable quality. I’m interested in what else they offer. Sounds like a good video idea for you to follow-up with!

    1. I think the track was also from that company (there was a sticker on the track) so that’s not that good of a sign

  10. On the drill guide/press you need to register the flat side of the guide on the surface of the work piece. Then the guide can flip down.
    Also you had it backwards. Flip should be on the outside edge.

  11. Never heard of Banggood before, but they seem worth checking out. Like these purchase videos you do Dave!

  12. Terrific video David! I really liked that router lift and may purchase one. I like that you give your honest impression & opinions without sugar coating anything along the way! Well done! 👍👍

  13. All of the woodworking tools I have purchased from BangGood have been of exceptional quality. I did follow Dennis from H.O.W. for recommendations in the beginning but placed other orders for items he did not review that in my eye looked well made and have not been disappointed with any of them. That router lift looks outstanding as well as their miter gauges and track saw parallel guides, fences, spiral carbide router bits and the drawer hardware mounting jig. Hongdui, Ganwei, Wnew, Drill Pro, Veiko and even some of the no name solid stainless steel squares are top quality. Keep an eye on their prices and you can get some super bargains,

  14. Only thing I bought off Banggood was a clone of the Kerfmaker from Bridge City. Honestly, I like the one from Banggood better because it’s slightly larger and easier for my meathooks to handle. It is easily as well made as the Bridge City one. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again. Nice to hear some of their other stuff is also good quality.

  15. I love these buy and try vids immensely! I dabble in both woodworking and home machine shop, and there are tons of YouTube videos in which people have either bought, or been sent by Banggood, various machining tooling. Even if they’ve paid for it, the reviews are typically very good! As far as the drill guide, I’ve used (and cursed) a General brand guide for many years. Even though I was far south of satisfied with it, my dissatisfaction was never great enough to convince me to pay the price for the Rockler! The other week I made my first pilgrimage to the new Rockler store in Charlotte, and after laying my eyes and hands on their version I was dazzled!! Of course I had one when I left the store! The thing is amazing!

  16. I have the drill pro doweling jig you didn’t grab. It’s a pretty awesome kit! Well built and easy to be accurate with.

  17. Awesome video! If you do another banggood video I’d love to see the clamping square system compared to the wood peckers. Thanks

  18. If you haven’t figured it by now, most of the tools on Banggood are variations, or clones, of other more expensive brands. The drill guide is a clone of the Woodpecker drill guide. The roller guides are clones of the ones made by Jess’em. I have purchased some items from Banggood before, and have been pleasantly surprised by the quality. I just received the MoHoo Honing guide which is a clone of the Woodpecker honing guide. As for the Miter Gauge, Hooked On Wood, ep 11, reviewed the same miter gauge, and he demonstrates on how to make box joints on the table saw using that miter gauge set up. For anybody that’s interested in the fence, but do not want to buy another miter gauge, you can buy the fence separately.

  19. Glad to hear that you had a good experience with Banggood. I ordered a quadcopter from them about 6-7 years ago. I had never heard of them, but took a gamble. Very impressed with the quality, price, and their service. I think delivery was about 3 weeks. They sent a European-style charger by mistake, so I emailed them, and had a USA adapter in about a week.

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