Cheap to Priceless! Turning a Lava Lamp Into Fine Furniture

Turn a into fine furnishings with . Given us by Squarespace. For 10% off your very first purchase, go to:

Storage Cart to Fine Furniture:

Sand in the Location T-shirt:

and materials used (affiliate links).
Table Saw:.
Little Bandsaw:.
Spindle Sander:.
Foot Powered Mill:.
Random Orbit Sander:.
Drill Press:.
Hot Glue Weapon:.
Lamp Socket:.
Designing Clay:.
Rayjet R400 Laser Cutter:.
Oil Complete:.


! Turning a Lava Lamp Into Fine Furniture

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  1. Loved the new and improved lava lamp. And loved the new shirt, but hope you’re ok after you’re little mishap. Great great videos , keep up the great work!

  2. If you still have the first off cuts from tracing the lava lamp profile, you could glue them together and turn it into a wooden lava lamp. Maybe inlay some lighter wood for the lava.

  3. I like the lava lamp and the added lamp at the top, the bottom where the lava supposed to be running out made out of clay ME don’t like, without it otherwise it looks great with the walnut

  4. 😂😂. Love this video series. Can’t wait to see more videos soon. Keep up the great craftsmanship and hard work David. Keep making. God Bless.

  5. This light thing is ugly as $h*t. But this series is absolutely a gem. This is what making is really about. Dave keep it up. Absolutely love it the content. Cheers brother.

  6. This was such an odd project, totally not something you see every day and I love it! This takes the cake for my favorite of yours!

  7. “Don’t try this at home… I’m a professionally trained YouTuber…” Lol!

    This was a fun project! The end product was really cool and it seemed like you had fun with it.
    I love how you just kept rolling with the punches, whether it was the router taking a bite out of the workpiece, or stabbing yourself in the chest… lol I’m glad you’re ok!

  8. David, I’ve been watching your channel and listening to the podcast for years, and I just want to say, I absolutely love the direction that you’re taking with your videos. You’re clearly having a blast, and it’s contagious. Keep it up bud!!

    1. Agree! I too has been a follower on podcast and yt for years and really like the new content starting from the go cart times! 👍 You go and be you and do your thing David, and keep on enjoying it!

  9. David, you are such a crazy and unbalanced young man! I loved watching this video and I almost like this ‘Make Something Lava Lamp’. Keep it up, my man. There’s no one like you!
    (Please, be patient with Dan. He can’t help it.)😊😊

  10. You’re killing it – almost literally. There’s something for everyone in this one.. Sand people, magnet people, safety police, trolls, and dare I say Life Aquatic people? 😂

  11. Beautiful Work! I love that you show the whole process when something doesn’t go right and you figure out a way to solve it or change the original idea!

  12. The chaotic good of this project was just an enjoyable viewing experience. Loving these types of projects

  13. Hi Dave, long time listener, first time caller. Actually, I’ve been watching since the Drunken Woodworker days. Just wanted to say this is my favorite video that you’ve made. Love the project. Laughed a lot watching and rewatching the accident in the intro. Love that you allow your direction and vision on the project to morph as you progress. All just good stuff. Ok, bye.

  14. I absolutely love this piece! Every single detail. Especially the lava drips though.
    Also, I thought we were about to hear a Don Henley remake when ‘Dirty Laundry’ popped up as the song title.

  15. This series of turning thrift/everyday items into custom pieces is amazing! I can see the algorithm taking this and it getting big!

  16. This one took many unexpected turns, and I love it! Completely unnecessary project, but hey, we need more of that in our lives, don’t we? So many fun things in this video. And I learned a new safety tip! I’ll file “always cut towards yourself” right after “always start the drill before screwing”. Really enjoying your tone lately. It’s a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I freaking love everything about this project and video. Once again your creativity astounds me! Great job dude!

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