Wood Carving – 2023 TOYOTA CAMRY – Woodworking Art #88

35 consecutive working days for Camry 2023. The kind of used: Fokieni, The strong panels I carved it by hand and some woodworking tools.

If you want this automobiles in your collection, please email me: woodworldhv@gmail.com


Building and construction content of 2023 Camry:
00:00 Opening
00:09 Choose wood
00:22 Design and make the outer frame of Toyota Camry
03:28 Style and make the rear of the vehicle
04:53 Design and make the front part of Toyota Camry
06:55 Style and develop the engine part of Toyota Camry
07:37 Exterior sculpt of the motorist's glass, cars and truck door
08:43 Interior fabrication of Toyota Camry
09:38 Making Toyota Camry wheels
11:10 Putting together the whole Toyota Camry
12:48 Evaluation Toyota Camry

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Wood Carving – CAMRY – Woodworking Art #88

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