Amazing Ingenious Techniques Woodworking Crafts Workers || Rustic Large Woodworking Wooden Furniture

Amazing Innovative Methods Crafts Workers|| Rustic Large Wooden Furnishings
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  1. hi, very nice table but I notice that your wood is pine and I see you varnish it and I don’t know if you know what color it will become after a while and well I know it will become orange, that’s the problem with pine when you varnish it, if I were you I would have stained it before varnishing it, just one thing but very nice table anyway bravo

  2. Desculpem mas achei que não ficaram bem encaixadas as peças principalmente nos cantos.
    Já acompanhei peças de vcs mais bem acabadas.
    Esta dou nota 7,5.

  3. good idea progres,,, salam i from indonesian,, i working all furniture from jepara indonesian

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