This space-saving dressing stand will transform your bedroom

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In this video, I guide you through the development of a flexible dressing stand with built-in drawers, best for organizing your daily fundamentals. I carefully select and put together solid boards, focusing on grain patterns and colors for an aesthetically pleasing outcome. From getting ready for the glue-up to crafting the legs and drawers, I share valuable ideas and techniques to make the job a success. This dressing stand complements other furnishings pieces in my previous tasks, and you can customize it to match your needs. Comprehensive plans are readily available here:.

Step-by-Step Guide:.

Select and Arrange Boards: Choose and organize strong boards, thinking about grain patterns and colors for an appealing appearance.

Get ready for Glue-Up: Make sure all elements, including clamps and flattening cauls, are prepared before using glue.

Develop Leg Assemblies: Cut and assemble the legs, including lap joints for included stability.

Sign Up With Leg Assemblies: Connect the leg assemblies utilizing crosspieces using pocket screws.

Construct Lower Rack: Develop the lower rack, notches as needed for a best fit.

Craft Shoe Rack Slats: Cut out 16 thin slats for the shoe rack.

Connect Shoe Rack Slats: Glue down the 2 outdoors slats, two inside slats, and four in the middle of the shoe rack, guaranteeing they are uniformly spaced.

Include Drawer Runners: Glue and attach little drawer runners in place, guaranteeing they line up with the legs for smooth drawer operation.

Craft Drawer Boxes: Eliminate and assemble drawer boxes with bunny joints for strength and resilience.

Measure for Drawer Faces: Procedure and cut drawer faces to the appropriate size, adding chamfers for a completed appearance.

Connect Drawer Deals With: Protect the drawer deals with to packages, leaving a lip underneath for simple pulling.

Customize and Enjoy: Tailor your dressing stand to satisfy your needs and style preferences, and enjoy the completed piece. Detailed plans are readily available on my site for reference.



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This space-saving dressing stand will transform your bedroom

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  1. Another great video from the man himself. I love Steve’s approach to woodworking and his narration. One thing that really stuck with me is his line, ” No one is going to take a tape measure and measure it”. Over the years one of the things I learned is to be precise when needed and relax and not be when not needed.

  2. You can reaaaally tell you’re a rock climber lol. Something about the associated personality just shines through. Thanks for these videos. I can’t have a shop right now but I always feel so inspired watching you and can’t wait until I can try some of these projects myself.

  3. I like to sand my drawer runners and the bottom side edges of my drawers to 400 grit and wax them… makes them slide really well 🙂

  4. Thanks Steve. Always enjoy your unique projects. The only problem is I showed this to my wife, and she loved it. She said she could see it in our bedroom. Wanted to know if I could make it😮. Told her I am not quite this building stage yet.

  5. I really like how you lean towards glued joints vs screws. It looks great and really strong. One of the features I hate about store bought cheaper furniture is all the screws/bolts. I made your stool design and it’s super strong but light weight. Obviously pocket screws are sometimes necessary, but substituting with dowls and lap joints just look cool.

  6. I was secretly hoping this was gonna be another Halloween video, but this will do 👍

    I really like the look of this! The one thing I really aspire to is having this sense of understanding each step of the way. When I build things, I tend to see something after the fact that I completely neglected- grain running the wrong way, etc. But these videos help give me the third person view I need. Thanks Steve!

    1. I think we can all improve our skills just by slowing down and being intentional with every step. It’s always the smallest details that have the biggest impact.

  7. Great video. Love it. I am about to make something very similar so have learnt loads watching this. Thank you Steve!
    And in mm too!

  8. Steve, Another great video that both demonstrates and explaines every step of the build. Something you have ALWAYS done well !

  9. Steve, i am glad you are still running these project videos. I always enjoy watching the work. Thanks.

  10. This is great and always love all of your project videos! I will say, when you said, “Are you following me camera guy?” I was expecting a cut to dead AI camera man Steve on the floor.

  11. These project vids might be a bit boring for you and they might be a pia to make, but I sure love them. Thanks for posting and thumbs up.

  12. That dresser stand turned out great Steve & I see that you survived the recent zombie apocalypse! 👍👍

  13. Great job Steve. Always enjoy your videos. Keep everything simple so anyone can follow along and make it.

  14. Great looking stands, Steve. I love watching your build videos. I’m gonna build one of these for the right side of my wife’s bed.. Thanks for the video.

  15. I especially like the simple, minimalist design of this. ‘Essential’, even ‘elegant’ comes to mind. Light, airy, no cumbersome, wasted wood, all chunky and clunky. This is as refreshing as a glass of lemonade on a hot day — the opposite of trying to choke down a bowl of heavy beef stew in the summer heat. And I’m certain that if I think real hard, I can come up with even more metaphors…. 😎

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