Pocket hole joinery is for hack woodworkers

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Pocket hole joinery is for hack woodworkers

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  1. People who say pocket holes are garbage are the definition of, “tell me you don’t know anything about woodworking without telling me you don’t know anything about woodworking.”

    1. It the whole gate keeping mentality that people have cracks me up. I have had people tell me pocket hole are for lazy and cheap. These are the same people that get out their $1200 festool dominos for all there joints. And you can find pocket holes in a lot of high end framework for cabinets.

  2. My dad built oak kitchen cabinet face frames and carcasses using pocket screws and glue about 34 years ago. Still looked great when the house was sold a couple of years ago. Absolutely no joint separation in all that time. No reason to think they wouldn’t last another 30+ years or more.

    I think it all comes down to the right application. Pocket screw joints have very high tension and shear strength, but are weak in torsion. So if you use the joint correctly it is a solid and efficient choice. The thing I don’t like is they’re ugly. But if you can hide them (like the bottom of Steve’s mat), who cares?

  3. Never thought to use pocket screws to hold miters together! Thanks for the tip Steve!

  4. I bought that Kreg jig specifically for these applications. I love it like I love my pets.

  5. Yeah… the old pocket hole joinery is not strong enough for X discussion…
    In my humble opinion there is nothing wrong with pocket holes in general BUT from a design standpoint I’d always make sure to never have any load-bearing screws in a project. The doormat is a perfect example for a pocket hole joinery that keeps the shape together but is not subject to any forces whatsoever so provided your screws don’t rust through this will do its job for a long time.

    1. Always make sure the joint type you are using is appropriate for the load it will handle. With that stated. I have seen a lot of higher end furniture that had an inner frame that used pocket hole joinery that was load bearing and is decades old.

      So pocket hole joinery, if used properly, can last a long time and be very strong.

  6. A Pocket Hole Jig and YouTube made my first real project a major success. I found a Daybed plan that fit a crib mattress for my 75 lb dog. It easily supports 2 of my grandkids and my dog. It’s still sturdy after 6 years of use. My 2nd project (also using pocket holes) was a king size farmhouse style panel bed. It’s also 6 years old and still standing strong. I’m fine learning other joinery techniques but there’s no shame in using this method.

  7. Can you do an updated basic skills video on pocket screws and include trouble shooting.

    I have issues with screws spinning around and no longer gripping, and not sure what I am doing wrong.

    Also issues with MDF 🤷

    When it works out is brilliant though. 👍🏻

    1. If you tighten it to much it will break. And you should be using proper kreg screws, and for softwoods use screws with bigger threading.

  8. Shaker furniture from over a century ago used pocket hole joinery. I’m not sure why people think it’s some modern corner-cut just because Kreg makes a popular jig.

    1. I have used a lot of pocket hole joinery on my projects. Pretty much anywhere where people won’t see them I use it. They are simple and easy to make, and if oriented correctly and a little glue they will not fail you.

  9. Pocket hole joinery is for those with pocket hole jigs. I recently dismantled a wardrobe from the 1920s that was built with them (using slotted screws). Those joints were still solid although a lot of the other joints were broken.

  10. Pocket hole joinery is the great gateway drug to woodworking. It turns newbies into woodworkers, breathing new life into the craft.

  11. Why the headline? Appears you like pocket holes as do I but using pocket holes is for hacks is very misleading. Unfortunately some people only see the headline.

  12. how has that been able to stand up to 12 years of SFO weather and people walking over it? i’d have thought the face boards would’ve started to sag a bit by now, they don’t appear to be that thick-n-sturdy

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