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  1. Is it the initial swing and having the filling catch up to cancel out the blow or just the filling having the ability to move around and somehow do something else?

    1. The hammer’s face hits the surface while the fillings at the opposite end are still falling down in the direction of the surface. So when the hammer would bounce back up, the force of the falling fillings counteracts it. If the fillings were all glued in place, they’d all be traveling at the same speed as the hammer face and not be able to deliver this effect.

    2. You got it in the first part. Instead of one hit with 100% of the force, it’s two smaller taps.. one when you land the head of the mallet on the object, and one when the lead weights / lead shot hits the bottom of the chamber.

  2. Awesome so whats the purpose of all the mallets u made before this one? Hitting different hardness of things or for different necessities of force? 🤔

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