Woodturning – Golden Ash

In this video I make a Hybrid lamp from a gnarly piece of Ash and resin.

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The approaches I utilize may not be the most safe, so please be accountable for your own safety …

– Golden Ash Night Light

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  1. Hi andy, i just wanna say your videos really calm me down on a lot of bad days. Just hearing the sounds really put me at ease. Thank you for sharing, sir. Much love 💚

  2. Well, Andy, I have to say that you are a very great wood artist. Everything you make with that lathe tuns out to be so beautiful. I really like watching you in here.

  3. Not for the first time, the sheer beauty and elegance of this piece is jaw-dropping and attest to both your skill and artistic vision. Thank you, Mr Phillip.

  4. Ok this is definitely my favorite video of your series! The different tools and techniques you use are so interesting! Beautiful craftsmanship and perfect color choices for the resin, love it!!

  5. Ash is such a beautiful timber and the combination with golden Epoxy makes this piece complete!

  6. Yet again, another gorgeous creation, you make it look so easy. Just watching you create these masterpieces is so relaxing

  7. Beautiful 🥰 I love the feet on it and the colour is fantastic especially with the light inside it 😊 thank you Andy

  8. Hi Andy! Love what you did with this bowl! Smart way to use the resin. Love your work. Beautiful bowl and candle holder! ❤

  9. WOW! I’m always amazed at how your finished products turn out and end up another piece of art. That handwork that you did to create the legs was equally impressive as the rest of the lamp combined. That was such beautiful and precision work that only a true craftsman and artist could ever create. Thanks for sharing.

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