Woodturning – A Chunk of Yew

This is the complete video, of the piece of Yew that I turned while the lathe was being powered by a #Bluetti AC200Max and B300 expansion battery.
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– A Chunk of Yew

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  1. never fails to awe me when I shave a bow from yew. the contrast of sapwood, and heartwood is strikingly beautiful. if you gently remove all the cambium, there is some nice texture patterns in the sapwood.

  2. That spalting line under the rim is fantastic! Char on the natural edge really brings it home. Eye catcher for sure.

  3. Oh Andy, I’m so proud of you……I don’t always comment but I haven’t missed any or your creations……there is a guy close to me that is starting to turn…..for inspiration I recommended your channel to him I want him to learn from the best….. from 400 subscribers to over a million in what? two years…….Awesome Sauce……Thank you for the beautiful creations!

    1. @MC’s Creations He is doing great has made a goblet and a infinity ring goblet…..He is well on his way…….Thank Yew!

  4. It always amazes me how a piece of wood that looks like it belongs in a fireplace turns into a thing of beauty with awesome grain that’s nature’s beauty not to mention the skilled craftsman who made it well done mate 👍🦘🇦🇺

  5. I didn’t realize Yew had such beautiful grain! It’s a beautiful piece Andy!❤❤❤

  6. I hope to get the chance to turn a piece of Yew one day … what a stunning piece of wood …. was a bit sad to see the bark come off, but the burnt finish turned out perfectly 👍

  7. Andy, that is an awesome Yew! Thank you for showing us how to turn one. Yew has such spectacular colors!

  8. What a beautiful bowl! I always love the live edge, and the marking are incredible 😁💙

  9. Amazing work, Andy! Really crazy looking bow!!! 😃
    Well done!!!
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  10. So pretty, glad you went with the finish you did, feel like something super glossy or thick like resin would have made it look completely different

  11. Yew brought out the beauty of something pretty, great job once again… Love it…. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Yew did a good job as usual, you’re becoming quite poplar. Now take a well deserved rest, and take your family to the beech. Bring your elders along also.

  13. just a friendly reminder:
    if you use the chuck, you have to make sure that the jaws close noticeably so that they almost touch. the further open the jaws are open, the less pressure can act on the wood. it is also only held at individual points, since the wood is turned round. This means that the further out the jaws are, the less there is a circle that ultimately only holds the wood at individual points. The further it is closed, the more pressure is exerted and it therefore holds better.
    (I am a woodturner myself)
    Left a sub and like there!

    1. Thanks… the tenon on this was intended for my larger chuck but after removing the piece I realised I’d turned it too small .. I agree , I should have re-turned the tenon ..

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