Making A Cat Playground

I have actually started a feline climbing wall play area on the French cleat system in our space. The very first part of this climbing up wall is 5 hexagons that our 2 felines can climb through. The hexagons fit together so that the cats can climb through the sides that touch the adjacent hexagons. I made the job from the I got at an auction last fall that has actually been being in the middle of the shop and needs to be utilized. The felines seem to like it. I think they are heating up to it.

a Room:

Tools utilized in this job can be discovered at

Woodturning tools:.

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  1. So weird, I made something very similar for my cats 🤣 it’s crazy how close this is to my build

  2. The most impressive part of the video is cats actually using something their owner put time and effort into. Usually the more you put into it the more likely they’ll ignore it entirely.

    1. The tragedy of making something for cats is that I think they lack the sense to recognize you’ve done something for their sake. Sometimes, dogs seem to understand such a thing.

    2. @Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman
      That‘s why he made it himself, no shipping cardboard box.
      Just goes to show Frank‘s true genius

  3. I don’t know which is more impressive…the cat playground or the cat’s actually using it. Great idea!

  4. Your cats looked decidedly pleased with their new stomping ground (wall?) there at the end – congratulations!

  5. So so cool! My cat’s love to climb, I wish I had the tools to make them something like this!! Amazing work as always Frank! 🙂

  6. Amazing work as always! The cat shots are of such quality one could easily mistake them for a 4K demo video 👌

  7. That’s awesome, Frank. I have a living room that has two-story walls that are just blank all the way up. I wonder how high my cats would climb? lol

  8. I have a similar layout for my 2 cats, but with 5 cardboard boxes on the floor. 😁 Fantastic work as usual Frank. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Your cats must love living with you. Everything smells like wood… 😍
    Also, I have appointed myself as queen of the internet and I demand more cat videos on behalf of all internet. Thank you.

    The internet is for cats. 🎵

  10. Another fantastic video! You’re a true master and an inspiration. Can’t wait to see what your next project will be

  11. This is absolutely amazing. Love every single bit of it. Your cats just loved the final project.

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