Your First Woodworking Project. You Only Need These Two Power Tools. Beer Tote.

Get started in by this simple beer tote with only a jigsaw and a .
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I will link to Eric's episode when it is done. Very first week of June.

There are plans for this carry ALTHOUGH it shows all the cuts being made with flooring standing woodworking tools. But the fundamental measurements are in there if you follow along with this video using a jigsaw and a .

Jigsaw Blade:
Drill (get a much cheaper one):.
Drill Bit:.
Forstner Bit:.
Foam Insulation:.
1/2" Plywood:.
1/8" Plywood:.
5/8" Dowel:.
1/4" Dowel:.
Double Sided Tape (more affordable choices available):.
Spray Adhesive:.
Painters Masking Tape:.
CA (Super) Glue:.
Wood Glue:.
Flush Trim Saw:.
Bottle screw:.

Walnut File Cabinet Build:.
Photo Framing Sled:.
Dry Erase Magnetic Wall:.

Music by Me:.
Patreon Support/ Bonus Material:.
T-Shirts/ Books/ Stickers/ Plans:.
My Other YouTube Channel:.
It Podcast:.


David .
PO Box 2499.
Toledo, OH 43606.

Your First Woodworking . You Only Need These Two Power Tools. Beer Tote.

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  1. This is awesome sauce sir! Love the variety of tools and techniques you show us all . . . now i need a beer 😉

    1. Always fun to watch David at work!
      I liked your last vid too Brian, it was great. is MMCC your goal?

  2. Pretty fantastic work, Dave! It really looks great! 😃
    Stay safe there! 🖖😊

  3. Really fun two tool build David! This would be a great first wood working project for people!

  4. Great project! With my limited mobility in the shop, I will still be able to get this done! Thanks for all you do, David!!

  5. I built a wooden tool box/beer tote just like this when all I had was a drill and and handsaw. This is a great first project and I still use it all the time.

  6. Great video! Brings back memories. I think a beer tote was literally my first woodworking project. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love the beginner-oriented project! I feel like sometimes creators feel like they need to make things more complicated for no real reason. Way to KISS! 👍👍

  8. Another “hot tip” for the newbies…if you don’t want to have to redraw lines on the tape, you can score the lines with a razor knife to prevent tear-out as well.

    1. @Make Something Day is made. Can’t believe I got a reply. This is right up there with the time Chunk from The Goonies liked my Twitter post.

  9. Very cool. I’ve made these in the past for easy Christmas gifts and people love them. Love seeing them made “simply!”

  10. Great intro project that anyone can do and get great results. A million ways to customize and make it your own, too. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Great little project and video David, although I’m curious why you decided to use the jigsaw and drill for this, instead of a circular saw and drill? Since it was all straight cuts it seems like it would have been a lot easier that way 🙂

    1. I think the circular saw may be a bit more intimating to newbies. Plus I hate using one.

  12. This is great. I’ve made these beer totes before. But it’s great to show people how they can build them with minimal tools. Always entertaining and educational!

  13. Using the rigid foam insulation as a sacrificial surface is great. I’m sure I’ve seen you use before. It just didn’t click. Great video as always.

    1. You obviously haven’t priced rigid foam insulation lately. It’s damn near the price of plywood at my HD.

  14. Love this one! Would love to see more simple but useful projects geared towards beginners

  15. Well sure – anyone could make it if they had…the beer! Great tips on using the jigsaw. I used to grip my like it was just going to run away from me. Using the insulation is a great idea – I heard you talking about that on the podcast.

  16. Love to watch videos like these! Please continue to make more videos like these that require less expensive tools like a table saw and band saw!

  17. I tried that “tape on drill for depth stop” trick once, and the tape didn’t adhere to the drill so it just moved up as the drill went down. Way down. All the way through, to be exact 😄

  18. Another tip: Take a scrap piece of wood that is straight (ideally 2 pieces fastened together to create a 90 degree angle) to use as a guide to make sure the drill bit is going straight into the piece, not angled.

  19. I designed and made two similar but much less elegant versions of this many years ago for what was basically my first real woodworking project. They turned out OK but clunky looking but I used one of them pretty much every day.

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