Woodworking Tips to Make You More Accurate and Efficient

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Big Bandsaw:.
Big Bandsaw Blade:.
Scroll Saw:.
Little Bandsaw:.
Little Bandsaw Blade:.
FDM Printer:.
Resin Printer:.
Rayjet R400 Laser Cutter:.
Stepcraft CNC:.
Double Sided Tape:.
Plastic Nailer:.
Disc Sander:.
Ryobi Belt Sander:.
Spindle Sander:.
Drum Sander:.
Air Filter:.
Air Meter:.
Metal Lathe:.
Drill Press:.
Drill Press Fence:.
Drill Press Vice Holder:.
Shark Router:.
Router Speed Control:.
Miter Saw:.
Closet Door Track:.
Table Saw:.
Dust Collectors (comparable):.
Thin Rip Jig:.
Sandpaper Roll:.


0:00 Intro.
1:02 Easy Resawing at the Bandsaw.
1:45 Scroll Saw Fresh Blade Technique.
2:34 Finest Bandsaw Blade.
2:58 Little Pieces at the Bandsaw.
3:14 Equal Length Pieces at the Bandsaw.
5:54 Finest Double Sided Tape.
6:14 Plastic Nails.
6:46 CNC Hold Downs.
7:46 Several Grits on a Disc Sander.
8:08 Getting Rid Of Sander Spindle Technique.
10:36 Finest Drill Press Fence.
11:12 Best Drill Press Vice.
11:28 Cleaner Counter Sinks.
14:10 No More Router Burns.
14:49 Router Speed Control.
18:32 Miter Saw Small Pieces.
18:52 Miter Saw Cut-to-fit.
19:51 Bench Height.
20:22 Bench Hold Down.
20:51 Sacrificial Bench.
22:02 Sliding Doors.
23:46 Storage.
25:11 Planer as a Jointer.
26:22 Joint Thin Edges on a Planer.
26:57 No More Planer Snipe.
28:25 Moving Crosscut Table.
29:06 Simple Tapers at the Table Saw.
29:56 Jointing at the Table Saw.
30:21 Eliminate Burning at the Table Saw.
30:40 Cutting Thin Strips at the Table Saw.
31:31 Upright cuts at the.
31:52: Extreme Angles at the Table Saw.

Tips to Make You More Accurate and Efficient

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    1. Nice vid!! Nice shirt; looks perfect for a ‘creative content producer’ ( you tube Artist ) 👍👍💪💪

  1. Loved the shop tour!
    Would you PLEASE tell Daniel that a all-jig-all-the-time video would be great! C’mon Daniel! Recognize Gold when you see it!!

  2. Congrats David AND Daniel. You have come a very long way from the “Drunken Woodworker” not that DW was bad. It’s very difficult to be a successful content creator now days. You are fresh and creative withstanding the test of time. Keep the vids coming and have a GREAT 2K24! !! !!!

  3. As always, I love to see your shop expanding and the crazy projects keeping coming out. I remember you saying a few years back in one of your shop tours that the creative juices weren’t flowing as much and that you were potentially beginning to burn out, and that got me a little worried. To add to the Youtubers that give great tips, Colin Knecht at Wood Work Web has been giving good ones, both his own and those provided by viewers, for years, and have been great time savers!

    Thanks, David! Keep ’em coming!

  4. I bought the Rikon bandsaw on your recommendation several years ago and have been super happy with it. I do need to fet some new blades for it though. And that Nova Viking still makes my mouth water. I really want to get a helical head replacement for my Dewalt planer, maybe this is the year I do it. I personally like the paneling back drop. Reminds me of your old basement shop. Fun tour! Let’s make 2024 suck less. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Informative and entertaining video as usual! Keep em coming! I’ve thought about buying a tool with a helical head and wondered how difficult it was to rotate and align the little cutters. Maybe a video on that when you do it?

  6. Your shop truly is unique and interesting. I really appreciate your focus on creativity and efficiency.

  7. THANK YOU for the times in the description! I think _every_ list video should have time links in the description to make it easy to jump to specific items. Thumbs up!

  8. Thank you for making these videos, Your channel is one I look forward to new videos all the time. I also like how you still show the work through your sponsor times. I bought your plans for the outfeed table. We didn’t have the money for nicer plywood, so went with what we could. I just got it fully put together so far so good!

    We have a shop to store our boat and had a part of the shop that was not being used well. We are turning that into a little wood shop. Its 12′ x 20′ but I have another 10′ I may use as well that could make is 12′ x 30′. I Can’t wait to see your budget shop to hopefully get some idea from that. I really like the sliding back wall. That would be a great way to keep the dust contained to the woodshop side. Please keep the videos coming! Have a great 2024!

  9. Okay now let me share a tip with you. Use paste wax on all your cast iron surfaces and on my lathe I use an unscented candle on the tailstock and rails/bed. I’ve never had a problem with the wax transferring to my work pieces and even if it did I have to sand them anyway. It will stop all that rusting from the humidity. I live in GA and the humidity gets terrible down here. I lived in Ohio for a few years so I know it can get pretty humid there too.

  10. I love the new paneling. Feels like we are hanging out with our friend Dave in the living room while we drill some holes, pound some pegs, while we sand in the place where we live, and while we check it. Keep them coming…

  11. Sweet Shop/Tool vid! Dust collection is a challenge for me especially at the miter saw and with my Stepcraft M1000 w/ vac table and ATC. Maybe you could drop a video on dust collection although boring, but vital for us woodworkers…there are many things to consider and maybe helpful

  12. I’ve always loved the creative flair and personality you’ve put into your shop space over the years. I especially dig the vibe of the warm wood paneling and the curtains. Feels like I’m in a cozy basement entertainment room in 1968, my kind of vibe. You nailed it.

    Thanks for the tour and tips, dude!

  13. I really liked how you threw in a bunch of tips in this shop tour.
    Every time I see one of your shop tours I am reminded I desperately need a sliding wall to hide my mess 😂

  14. Great video! You and your brother make a good team and have made me laugh out loud a lot. Thanks for the tips and sharing your knowledge. Stay safe and healthy!

  15. Guess I’m making a sandpaper covered sled this week.
    Love your channel and the information you provide.

  16. I sent a message to a friend telling him to draw him up a shop/house. 2 min later, your video rolls on.
    Def one of your best. Great tips towards the end. Excellent references to amazing woodworkers.

    Well done guys

  17. Fantastic video David! I must say I never heard of some of these tips but I’m sure going to use them!

  18. I have carpet tile in my shop thanks to you and Stumpy Nubs. Freaking love it! Easy on the feet. Easy on the sound. It helps trap dust and is easy to vacuum.

  19. “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours goods” this Aussie from Down under 🇦🇺 is such a sinner. Love your workshop. Love your videos have followed you for ages, your explanations, make what I would see as a difficult task simple …. you were a great help for when I was making a 45° framing jig… I wish you all the success in 2024

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