Making a Ridiculous Project from a 1950s Magazine.

Recreating a phone from an old Popular Science magazine. Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to get 50% off your first Keeps order.

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Making a Ridiculous from a 1950s Magazine.

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  1. I like the old magazine builds. They simplify the drawing so you have to make guesses. Fireball tool does good stuff with those too.

  2. Great touch with the ash tray in the final photo, I know when I make phone calls from the 1950’s I usually have glass of Gin as well. Great build!

  3. Omg David, you really hit a homerun with this one. I would love to see you do more of these old magazine builds.

    Keep on building!

  4. Is that really from the 50’s???

    Totally kidding! That is a pretty neat end table idea, very unique. I also relearned about the tapered legs and that chamfers are better than round overs (slowly working on a wooden waste basket for our bathroom remodel and will have to keep that in mind).

  5. I enjoy all your projects, but I especially love the projects that you’re clearly excited to build. That added enthusiasm really shines through and makes the video that much more enjoyable. Awesome build a usual

  6. I’ve been looking forward to it since I heard about it on the podcast. Those retro plans are great for problem solving. I have a woodworking textbook from the 50’s or 60’s with the same kind of plans. Awesome build and great video as always! (Minus last week-that was a complete bummer!)

  7. Happy Saturday, David. Wow, a few days ago, I watched a phone table restoration on ”Dashner Designs’ and now I get to watch you build a phone table.
    Hey, in my youth, these tables were the nerve center, the hub of the home. Poor folks like my family only had one phone and the house kinda revolved around it.
    “All my stuff wobbles!” This was my favorite line of today’s video. This was a fun video. I enjoyed watching. Thanks for sharing it. I don’t think that I can watch too many of builds from old Popular Mechanics magazine.

  8. I love these builds from older magazines. It always gives me inspiration. I’m going to build this but change the seat into nesting tables for an art station for my child

  9. i love how everyone on youtube apologizes profusely for using the domino joiner but then is like “but i’m using it and you can pry it out of my cold dead hands”.. definitely makes me want one, lol

  10. Great build Dave, you were due for one that you enjoyed so much after the last no so fun project!

  11. Loved this build, particularly after last week’s frustrations. I enjoy the repurposing of it as an end table for sure. I’m very interested in the chair(s) you were sitting in for the outtro. Did you make those? Did I miss a video of that somewhere along the way? They’re gorgeous

  12. Would have been interesting to make the bench slide under the tabletop when you aren’t making a phone call. But as you’re using this as a two-tier end table that would’ve been silly. GREAT use of what appear to be defunct plans – kudos.

  13. Genius build and inspiration. We saw one of these at a childrens museum and it was the biggest draw in the room for kids and adult alike. You should keep it as a phone area and use it as intended but with a cell phone of course.

  14. Great throw-back piece, Dave~! Looks like one that used to be in my parents’ & grandparents’ living rooms. Memories~!
    Also, great to see that no tools were harmed in the making of this video~! 😏

  15. My Grandma had a “gossip chair” in her kitchen! My sisters and I would fight about who got to sit in it when we went to visit, which was often, as my grandparents lived about a mile from our house. I think my uncle still has that old gossip chair; he and I were actually talking about Grandma (his mother) sitting on that chair and talking on the phone. Such lovely memories of the good ‘ole days! ❤️

  16. You nailed it with this one Dave! Thank you for teaching and entertaining me all these years.

  17. I would absolutely buy a “All my stuff wobbles” t-shirt. It would be my first piece of maker merch after years of watching.

  18. That reminds me of an end table my grandmother had with a lamp built into it. I think I had it for a while, but I don’t know what happened to it! It was so generic 60s looking… but I used to play cards with her on it!

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