Making a Pair of STUNNING Bar Stools.

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Gorgeous walnut from Kencraft:

Get the prepare for this bar stool here:

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Table Saw:
Yellow Push Block:
Miter Saw:
Little Bandsaw:
Bronze Bearing Sleeves:
Dowel Jig:
Aluminum Bar Clamps:
Spindle Sander:
Router Table:
Palm Router:
Drill Press:
Disc Sander:
Digital Angle Gauge:
Corner Radius Jig:
Nu Foam:
Cotton Batting:
Staple Weapon:
Contact Cement:
Furnishings Glides:
Oil Finish:


Making a Pair of STUNNING .

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  1. Those look dope! I know I’m gonna like this series and when you’re done (since this was the first), you can Ferris it at the end in a robe and tell people to go home…it’s over! 😂

  2. 9:03 You can use the Domino for a through-tennon too which would simplify the layout and glue-up process. Just make domino stock out of the wood of your choice add tap it through both pieces

  3. Using the sander spindle to trace the arc was one of those “how the hell did I not think of that!” moments. Thank you for all the great content.

  4. Nice stools! It makes me feel like I can do it too, and makes me want to do it too. I should try! Regarding the brass lookin aluminium kick panel, you’d have actually used brass as the aluminium is showing after you cut it, for a more high end devil’s in the details look

  5. Nice chairs and nice video David – it was obvious you were having a lot of fun with this one!! I think the new house has given you a different motivation and you are Pumped!!! Can wait to see the nightstands!

  6. I watch a lot of woodworking videos. Some, I watch and think “Yes, I will be making that,”
    This is one of those times.

  7. I’m digging this series! Such a good idea to use a bnb to showcase and advertise your work! A couple questions. If someone wants to buy a piece of furniture after staying at the house, are you going to sell them the one being used in the house, or take an order and make another one just like the floor model? My other question is how much did that much walnut cost you where you live?

  8. Love that you point out how many different ways there are to do things. For that example you gave with the bandsaw vs doing a cut raising the table saw blade, I tend to cut the curve part by drilling with a forstner bit to reduce sanding, followed by the bandsaw for the straight part.

  9. These look pretty sweet. Superb editing on this one, too. Tasty camera shots by Dan, and just something about how it came together was just exceptional. Use of the finger cots was especially hilarious. Hey, if you have a Domino, why wouldn’t you use it as often as possible? Thanks for sharing! #respectthewalnut #saveferris

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