How To Mortise Hinges By Hand for a Perfect Fit

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Mortise Hinges By Hand for a Perfect Fit

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  1. Nice work but time consuming… I just set the deep on my handheld router, drow the contour of the hinge and with edgr fance of the router set so that I not pas throu the contour, I am just carefull to left and right marks. It works great everytime for me !

  2. Very informative;! You are a great instructor, I like the way you teach, I keep having to raise and lower the strike plate, do to weather temperatures . I wish they made a bigger strike plate, maybe I can make my own! Thanks for the lesson!- / video!

    1. Yeah my wife is making me hang a door today. Right as I was about to get up and go do it, this popped up in my feed. John must be psychic because this was perfectly timed for me.

  3. Great lesson. I have had to mount 4 doors in my life and knowing this technique back then would have reduced stress and made the job much easier. Of course the final result would have looked more professional too.

  4. Hey John, What’s up with the reflection on the hinge when you are first drilling the location hole? Some one you know?

    1. Methinks John has a thing for Scarlett Johansson. 🙂 He’s done the same in other videos. Good catch — I missed it first go around.

  5. Funny seeing the jump back in time. I like the small bench on the short wall that is there now, in the future. More surfaces can be nice. Just have to clear them every few days.

  6. Great stuff, John. I am curious on the usage of the typical chisel bevel up or bevel down when removing the material already edge marked/ cut. Does the bevel down keep the chisel shallower when planing this material out?

  7. Keep your chisels sharpened and honed and your piece fixed in place, and always think of how your chisel can slip… They’re wonderful tools and should be respected.

  8. Great tutorial John, that will come in handy when I add a hinge on a future project. I was thinking a router plane would be helpful for this, but you showed it’s not needed. I still want a router plane to fine tune tenons to fit a mortise, but I know you don’t have one from watching all your videos and you get by just fine.

  9. Brilliant!! what I like about you and your Chanel is that you really teach us how make the things simple, without trying to Show Up a fancy tools or even trying to sell the amazon link to the followers as the vast majority of YouTube woodworking Chanels does, instead of that you sell your owns creations or plans, thank you to share! Gracias mi Amigo!!

  10. well that was a trip down memory lane, in the early 80’s my step father and I had to do a load of fire doors in a new nursing home just the way you showed here. thank you John, Happy Days

  11. Great video John if I may also suggest you can take a peace of tape on the flat side of your chisel to mark the depth of the hinge plate that way your not guessing how deep to go. you can also scribe a line on a dedicated chisel and use a Marks alot to high light it.

  12. Fantastic tutorial, John! 😃
    Thanks a lot for all the tips!
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  13. Excellent rundown. As someone who works primarily with handtools it’s easy to forget that what were foundational, assumed skills early in my training can be mysterious and intimidating for people who work and were trained in different ways of working.

    Cam at Blacktail Studio had a video recently where he covered hand carving dovetail inlays for a table top and he gave a great piece of advice. It’s not really difficult or complicated, and doesn’t require special tools (cheap chisels cut fine), the hard part is that it requires the patience to take time and care with it. His answer to that was just to acknowledge and embrace that hand work takes the time it takes.

  14. Great demo! I learned a new trick with screwing the hinge down first.

    My dad was a carpenter and he shared a story I will always remember. During the 1940’s he was building houses in Virginia and the test for any new hire was to have him hang a door from scratch. The result was a pretty reliable gauge of his abilities. One of the men my dad worked with was a bit of a tinkerer and he designed a specialized router plane for cleaning out hinge mortises. He gifted my Dad and his father one. He used that plane for decades until his tools were stolen out of his truck on a jobsite in the 70s. When his father passed, Dad got the one he had and he passed it to me.

  15. Very neat result which once again shows that patience pays off with woodwork! And a clear, detailed explanation which leaves no doubt, as always. Thanks a million!

  16. Ok, this was great. You did professional door installation if I’m not mistaken. I like how you do your layouts and essentially premounting the hinge to ensure a perfect fit. How do you ensure they’re aligned and leveled? (Or is that not a thing for doors like these?) Is this a situation where cutting it by hand it far quicker and cleaner than trying to use a router?

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