Elevate your woodworking game with this joint!

make panels and doors with this fantastic interlocking wood joint. Given you by Squarespace. For 10% off your very first purchase, go to:

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Router Bit Set:
Miter Saw:
Big Bandsaw:
Table Saw:
Yellow Push Block:
Router Table Top:
Shark Router Lift:
Vacuum Bag:
Vacuum: CNC:
Thin Rip:
Tape Dispenser:
Green Tape:
Little Bandsaw:
Disc Sander:

Stereo Stand with no 90 ° Joints!

T-shits, books and plans:

Elevate your game with this joint!

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  1. I’m only a minute thirty into the video, and I just want to say that it’s awesome to see you getting deeper into using a router, and for it to open up more options for your creativity. I’ve been watching since before the name change and its cool to be along for the ride 👍✌️

  2. That came out awesome! I love that you appreciate your Dan properly, it is good to appreciate your Dan, he does excellent work and he is a Dan Luxury to have! =) Had a thought for this project, but obviously a bit late for yours, but a nice touch would be to cut a dado at the top and bottom of the piece of the door that the handles were bolted too, then you could have a matching dowel mounted near the center that the doors would slide into and act as a stop in the center, so the doors would still close together nicely, but it would keep them from going past the center. =) Also, I freakin love the “window” in your shop and the way you have your whole shop setup, so creative and so peaceful and relaxing.

  3. This turned out great. I would love to give this one a try. The router bits make the tambour a lot more accessible

  4. Thats awesome, man. I fall into creative slumps constantly, so i’m excited for that video. I’m glad you’re out here pushing your limits and trying to make pieces that can also be art. all this needs to be perfect is a hot dog inlay.

  5. the inter-locking tambour-way better than slats glued to fabric as I’ve seen elsewhere…but it is a thicker tambour, too.

  6. What a cool cabinet/table/whatever it is. I can think of a million uses for that. Personally I would do taller ones as side tables in the living room. I look forward to the next amazing creation!

  7. Haven’t even watched the whole thing yet, but this is gonna be AWESOME!!! That little wiggly part looks so cool!

  8. Great video, David!! What’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah, Sandwich. That really doesn’t sound right now that I’m looking at it.

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