28 Reasons Why THIS Should Be Your First Laser | WeCreat Vision

Taking a look at the brand-new . It's a and engraver that's actually straightforward and budget-friendly, making it a solid pick for anyone curious about beginning with laser cutting and engraving. It's compact, simple to use, and loads enough punch for both novices and hobbyists. I'll go over what makes it stick out, specifically versus the more pricey alternatives, and show you what it can do. Even if you're not big into laser cutters, this one might just change your mind.

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Stanley Bottle:.
CA Glue:.
Random Orbit Sander:.
Spray Contact Cement:.
Tape Dispenser:.
Cutting Mat:.
Gathering Fibers:.
Flocking Adhesive:.
End up:.

28 Reasons Why THIS Should Be Your First Laser | WeCreat Vision

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  1. That box came out incredibly, I am loving your pieces done with lasers that don’t look like they were lasered!

    You’d be surprised that 20w probably could cut 1/2” walnut especially if you can add in your own air assist. In my experience the wattage on these 20w diodes lasers seem actually more powerful than what you’d see on say a 60w Co2. That being said I just keep ignoring the emails from Wecreate 😂 so I can’t say for sure with their machine in particular.

    1. Can we really trust your comment Chad? Do you have YEARS of experience making hundreds if not thousands of custom creations using lasers? Testing and reviewing other lasers? Do you even YouTube Bro? *** for people reading this, the answer to my questions is a YES in BOLD CAPS. Go subscribe to his channel ***

  2. Great review video thanks Dave. Out of interest what is that funky looking tape machine you were using 🙂

    1. @@wayneswonderarium thanks 👍🏻 I found it and will now commence pretending I won’t buy it for a few short weeks 😂

  3. That’s a fine looking box made with a fine looking laser! If I was in the market for my first this would be high on the list!

  4. Really liking your video mix as of late! Very well rounded. Great job of not “selling” a product but showing why it may or may not work for you if you are interested in a laser.

  5. The website price changes for anyone thinking of purchasing. It was $1640 when I first clicked. When I went to the product page, it was then $1799. (Referral, I guess) I added it to the cart to see if it was in a different currency since it was more then what was said in the video, USD. I left and came back, now $1199. Weird.

  6. No honey, I don’t know where the kids lunch money went to, but I made this box they can put their tears in.

  7. Great video for laser starters! Having had expensive lasers like you, I would NOT recommend getting a filtration unit for cutting wood, the regular pre-filter and the post (expensive) carbon filter will choke very quickly due to the wood resins (especially woods like balsa and liteply). They’re ok for engraving “tat” on aluminium tumblers etc. ‘tho.

    1. The problem is that if you dont have filtration you’re opening yourself up to neighbor and by-law action if you’re exhausting fumes outside.

  8. Seems pretty great for a first laser. I bought an Xtools d1 10w with a bunch of accessories on sale a year or so ago for about $1000. Still had to get a fan to vent out my window and build an enclosure. Plus a 3D printed z-axis extension so I could keep the risers on at all times. All that to say everything this includes for the price is pretty incredible and way more convenient! I’m kind of jealous. One thing I liked about the Xtools D1 was that I could put any size material under it since it was just a frame I could place on top of things… then I built my enclosure and quickly realized I will likely NEVER place my laser on a large object and it stays in the enclose which makes it basically like this one… but significantly less convenient. Plus I had to built it and it doesn’t have a camera. Tempted to sell what I have and get this instead.

  9. I’ve been seeing lots of post on this laser lately. Might have to get one to test out on my channel. I do like seeing how it is enclosed. I hate how 95% of the lasers i test for my channel have no enclosure.

  10. It is a pretty good starter laser. I did 3 videos for them a few months ago and was impressed with the ease of use. Although you did an infinitely better job of demonstrating this. That was a great overview.

  11. You will love Lightburn David. I’ve been using diode lasers for two years now and Lightburn is hands down the best. What I like about the we create software (don’t own one, but from what I’ve seen) is when material is selected, it puts a test card in the corner and you just select the finish you like. Great video

  12. *For the Price it’s pretty cheap for making small things, it’s pretty Good!!* 🌟👍🏻

    *I’m waiting for your xTool P2 video on the 2nd channel and can you please make a Rayjet Laser Machine Review or Comparison of Rayjet vs xTool P2 pl?*
    *I’m getting Rayjet R400 in 7200$ and xTool P2 with all in 1 bundle 5855$ and I’m confused to which should I get?? Coz there are lots of pros and cons and + a big space issue which will cost a lot!*
    *Wht your advice suggestion to which should I get??*

  13. I have looked seriously at adding this machine to my laser room … but the Lightburn issue has kept me from pulling the string. Unless something has changed recently, the “Lightburn compatibility” claim is a bit misleading. Unless I am mistaken, you can create your project in Lightburn, but must export it to a GCode file, which can then be loaded & run in the Wecreat. On my other 2 diode lasers, there is no need to export/import files, and Lightburn directly controls all laser functions. Otherwise, this is a great machine.

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