Wood Carving – 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 – Woodworking Art

LC300 – Woodworking Art

LC300 is Toyota's most innovative SUV design, and I made this newest 2023 version cars and truck out of wood. The 2023 Land Cruiser LC300 was really gorgeous, it fascinated me, and I chose to make it out of wood and it has actually been included in my collection of the most stunning wood cars.
The cars and truck is made of Fokienia wood. Scale: 1:11. Time to make the automobile: 60 days.
I have made a full engine for this LC300, it has controls to run, the engine's explosion sounds real, lights, horn and other functions to make the car more intriguing.

If you enjoy this LC300 with variation, and you wish to own it in your own collection. You can buy it on my Etsy Store at the link:

Contact through e-mail: woodworldhv@gmail.com
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– 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 – Woodworking Art

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  2. This guy has a solid talent stack. He can carve wood into reality but also film it and produce it in such a way that it’s interesting

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