I Built A Large Swedish Tank STRV 103 For My Son

# #strv 103b.

Play World of Tanks on PC now:.

New players will get the following gifts:.

· Premium Tank: Cromwell B (Medium Tank) (British _ Tier 6).

· 7 premium days.

· 250 000 credits.

· 10x rental battles offered to play the following Emblematic Tanks.

Tiger 131 (Heavy Tank) (German).
T78 Tank Hunter) (US).
T64 (Light Tank) (U.S.S.R).
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I Built A Large Swedish Tank For My Son

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  1. Круто! Спасибо за видео! Вашему сыну действительно повезло с отцом!!! 😊

  2. Você tem muito talento e habilidade. Seu filho é um sortudo por ter um pai assim. 👍

  3. 3台並んでいるところって圧巻!組み上がるところとか、ぴったりすぎて気持ち良い!

  4. Sencillamente fabuloso. Con organizacion y talento éxito seguro. Además el rostro de alegría de tus bebé no tiene precio . Felicitaciones desde Nicaragua.

  5. Your next titan project i think that be uss enterprice from star trek or millennium falcon ucs from star wars !!!

    Keep going! I like your video’s and the work of making things possible!

  6. Wow that is amazing build there nothing you can build your son is
    Lucky to have father is talented
    Ill wouldn’t be surprised if you build the batmobile you have right tool build anything and time
    And place to work

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