Dad Spends 2.5 month Building The Newest Audi For His Daughter

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The Skysphere is a 100% electrical and self-governing roadster principle vehicle from German cars and truck manufacturer provided in 2021 prefiguring a Grand Touring (GT) model with a variable wheelbase.
The Concept idea vehicle is presented on August 10, 2021 at the Audi style studio in Malibu, in the United States, where it was designed and designed, then on August 15, 2021 at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance1.

The Skysphere is among three concept automobiles provided by Audi in 20212 together with the Grandsphere and the Urbansphere.
The style of this idea vehicle, which takes the type of a roadster prefiguring the future of Audi design, is futuristic. Its interior has an interactive area integrated into a digital ecosystem. The Skysphere has an essential particularity: it has a variable wheelbase3.

It provides two different driving modes: a Grand Touring mode and a Sport mode. In Sport mode, the driver is behind the wheel of a 4.94 meter long roadster. In Grand Touring mode, the wheelbase is stretched to its optimum and the vehicle, now 5.19 meters long, becomes a Grand Touring design with self-governing driving. The Skysphere, as soon as autonomous, is likewise capable of independently managing parking and charging3.

This idea car is based upon 23-inch wheels and has air suspension along with rear-wheel steering to give it more agility regardless of its imposing dimensions3.

Its wheelbase is variable, thanks to a sophisticated mechanism that enables body and chassis components to move into each other. Therefore, the length of the Skysphere can vary over 250 millimeters. The ground clearance of this concept vehicle has actually been changed by 10 mm in order to improve convenience and driving. Its mass is just 1,800 kg, while the e-tron GT, an all-electric production design produced by Audi, weighs more than 2,400 kg.
The Skysphere has a single electric motor installed on the rear axle. This engine has a power of 465 kW or 632 hp, and its torque reaches 750 N m.

Thanks to an 80 kWh battery, the Skysphere offers a series of 500 km in classic GT mode.

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Dad Spends 2.5 month Building The Newest Audi For His Daughter

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