3 Years Building Ferrari Lamborghini Rolls Royce Audi Mercedes Ford BMW For My Son

3 Years Building Ferrari Lamborghini Ford BMW For My Son #woodworking #woodcar #building

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We're a father and kid duo crafting sensational wooden cars that integrate artistry with performance. Join us as we display the bond of household love and the delight of woodworking. From intricate styles to flawless engineering, we create visually fascinating and totally functional wood vehicles. Subscribe now for a delightful mix of craftsmanship, family worths, and the magic of woodworking.
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3 Years Building Ferrari Lamborghini Rolls Royce Ford BMW For My Son

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    1. Please watch it when you have time, this is a comprehensive video so you can easily watch it in full without missing any cars.

    1. and i have a rockrider st100 professional sport trail in my dad’s house, you can check out my dad with a vespa!

  1. With all the β€œyears” total, your so should be in his 50s by now. You lie about the time frame.

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