100 Days Building A Mercedes Vision AVTR For My Son’s Birthday

100 Days Building A For My Boy's Birthday

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Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR is a principle automobile by Mercedes-Benz influenced by the 2009 film Avatar by James Cameron.
The acronym AVTR stands for advance vision transportation, however it is likewise a reference to the 2009 film Avatar. [4] The whole rear end of the AVTR is covered in 33 discrete scales, so called "bionic flaps" utilized to communicate with individuals outside the vehicle. It likewise has special spherical wheels that were inspired by the "seeds of the Tree of Souls" from 2009's Avatar. These wheels can rotate so that the AVTR can move sideways, or even diagonally. [2] The car does not have a guiding wheel. Considering that this futuristic vehicle is autonomous, there is no requirement for one. Instead, passengers communicate with the automobile through an oval-shaped controller that accordions up and out of the center console to satisfy a chauffeur's hand. When a hand is on the controller, it and the seats can vibrate together with the speed of driver's breathing and heart rate. When guests begin relocating the AVTR car, the sweeping screen in front of them can light up with 3D graphics of Pandora, the imaginary world from the 2009 movie Avatar. Back-seat riders have access to learning-oriented video gaming and a "child-friendly augmented truth experience." [2] The concept vehicle is "powered" by graphene-based natural battery cells that do not need rare earth minerals, which might one day be compostable, and the interior is made from recycled plastics and vegan leather. [2] Mercedes-Benz unveiled cars and truck in January 2020 at the 2020 Customer Electronics Program. [3] Avatar director James Cameron teamed up with Mercedes to develop the vehicle, and took the phase alongside it. "I see a future where we continue to co-evolve with our technology … we will merge, we will absorb it and it will end up being such a natural part of our lives," stated Cameron. [4] ————————————————————————————————
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100 Days Building A For My Son's Birthday

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  1. I just got your video while scrolling down YouTube …. Even I am not your subscriber before ……

    I am amazed by your hardwork and genius brain ……
    God bless you …….. Have a wonderful time

    1. Your comments are wonderful. I am very happy that you also love my work. Don’t forget to subscribe to see more videos.
      Best regards!

  2. Tu fabriques des voitures magnifiques ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. You made another masterpiece!

    Could your next project be a C8 Corvette?

    I think your son will enjoy driving around in that.

    Great video

  4. this machine is a cosmos, the golden hands of a master, your work is admirable

  5. Mind blowing this man’s skills every car his made could probably be sold for £100k yet priceless from a loving father to his son. Awesome work my friend 😉

  6. Your son will proud on u in future. Hat’s of you. I mean amazing. MERCEDES AVTR. Love from INDIA.

  7. Before all the safety goons show up and comment on the hazardous practices, can we just appreciate the intricacies of this and every build these guys complete?!

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