Extremely Giant Wood Cutting Sawmill Machine // The Process Mr Van Woodworking Giant Table Hardwood

In this video: Let's Experience the awe-inspiring process of crafting a massive table with Mr. Van . View as an enormous machine easily slices through thick wood, changing it into stunning components. See Mr. Van's precise attention to detail as he forms, fine-tunes, and signs up with the pieces together, creating a smooth and strong structure. See the last work of art – a grand hardwood table showcasing Mr. Van's extraordinary workmanship and know-how. Join us on this impressive journey through his workshop, where passion and a tremendous machine assemble to develop something truly amazing.

Contact: (+84 094813099 9) Mr Van Thanh Ha – Hai Duong – Viet Nam
Extremely Giant Sawmill Machine// The Process Mr Van Giant Table Wood

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Extremely Giant Wood Cutting Sawmill Machine // The Process Giant Table Hardwood

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  1. Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ một tác phẩm nghệ thuật tuyệt vời khác từ tác giả của Mr.Văn. Một tác phẩm thủ công bằng gỗ nguyên khối cao cấp được bổ sung bởi các nghệ nhân làm tủ. 👍🥇

  2. Mr. Van, It was wonderful to see the journey of that gigantic tree from raw log to finished furniture. You and your team are most likely the finest wood craftsman on the internet ! You should be very proud of them and yourself, Thank You for sharing this Spectular Incredible work !

  3. Seems extremly dangerous to do this barefoot and in flip flops! How about investing in some good shoes and have workers with hole feet?

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