Assemble Giant Panel (260x260cm) into Square Table Monolithic Frame || Extremely Giant Woodworking

Put Together Giant Panel (260x260cm) into Monolithic Frame||
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Assemble Giant Panel (260x260cm) into Monolithic Frame ||

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  1. Extraordinary..! Very good job .. steady .. success always work mate . greetings from traditional Indonesian gold seeker ❤️🇲🇨⚒️⛏️💎🌷👍👍👍

  2. What’s with the huge gaps in the two rear corners? Will something be placed there at a later time?

  3. Cắt mộng sao vẫn dùng cưa tay nhỉ tôi toan6 cắt bằng cưa đứng rất nhanh và hiệu quả

  4. Sweatshop working conditions… ZERO PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT. No eye, ear or lung protection. No hand & foot protection. Most of the workers work barefoot. SHAMEFUL. If one gets injured they’ll just replace him with someone else who desperately needs a job. SMH 👎

  5. اكو بشر عنده عقل يصنع سرير نوم بلوزن هذا انتو وين عقولكم

  6. It is a beautiful table I must say. I do not think that anyone can sit around it. It must have been made to put ornamental artifacts. If so, well done. Congratulations!

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